Kaili City Guizhou

A visit to Kaili , a city in Guizhou will give you a feel of the ethnic culture and traditional life style of the Miao and Doug community people. The colorful dresses the elaborate head gears and traditional customs of the Miao people are visible during the festivals of these communities. The Chinese Governemnt had made certain regions in the Guizho u district autonomous to protect the originality of these ethnic tribes. Kaili city is the main city within this autonomous region. It is the city through which all the villages of Guizhou having Miao majority province is well connected.
The ethnic culture and the festivals celebrating occasions like the New Year and the harvest in Kaili are major tourist attractions. Apart from these, the special architecture of the Dong community like the Drum Towers and the ‘Wind and Rain Bridges' or ‘Flower Bridges' made of wood marvels the tourists form across the world. These are mostly the feature of the country side. The villagers achieve a significant engineering feat in building these towers which can go as high as a ten storey building. The Flower Bridges are adorned with corridors and are provided with seats for the travelers to take rest during long journey.

Kaili is in its full glory during the festivals which takes place according to the lunar calendar. The Dragon Dance festival, the Lusheng festival, Torch festival and the Dragon Dugout C Dragon Lantern festival are the few significant celebration of Kaili which draws a number of tourists. All the festivals are unique in its own ways having different costumes and customs. The people, their attire and the color of these celebration well complements the invigorating natural beauty of Kaili. To explore the history of the Kaili community the museum can be visited.

There are number of hotels in Kaili of different standards and rates. The travel agents also offer packages of different sorts. Gulong a popular tourist destination near Kaili can be visited while your stay there. Trekking through the paddy fields and the hilly paths are the most popular tourist activities in Kaili. Leigongshan National Nature Reserve can be visited to get a glimpse of the exotic flora and fauna of that region or to bond with the local people the Sunday Market can be toured.

Last Updated on: October 9th, 2017