Google Map of Fuzhou, China

Fuzhou the provincial capital of the Fujian is located on its eastern coast. This largest city of Fujian is spread over an area of 11,900 square kilometers which includes 1,043 square kilometers of urban area. Fuzhou is popularly known as the " Banyan City " due to the wide spread banyan trees all over the city which were planted during the rule of the Northern Song Dynasty around 900 years ago.

Fuzhou lies on the lower regions of the Minjiang River. Fuzhou is an important port of foreign trade and also the political, economical and cultural center of Fujian. Fuzhou houses 4.8 million population from which 1.3 million population is urban.

Fuzhou has a pleasant climate almost all through out the year. Due to its wonderful moderate climate Fuzhou possesses lush green forests and has flowers blooming across the city all through out the year. The period between the month of April and November is the ideal time to visit the place.

Fuzhou is one amongst the top tourist destinations of Fujian. It has a beautiful ambiance and enthralling beauty. Fuzhou is popular all over the world for its hot springs. Fuzhou is also famous for its remarkable art of handicraft .Some of its famous works of handicraft are the Shoushan stone carvings, bodiless lacquer ware and the cork patchwork. Tianhuang is a famous precious stone mined from Shoushan which has been preserved safely.

Some of the famous places in Fuzhou that make it the cherished and most popular tourist city of Fujian include:

Main Hall of the Hualin Temple: It is located at the lower reaches of the southern region of Pingshan Hill in North Fuzhou. It is out of the region of the Fujian provincial government. Despite the rainy and humid climate on the southern region of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River the Main hall of the temple stands erect. The inscriptions written in ancient royal handwriting draw light upon the existence of three other structures within the temple in the past including the Mahavira Hall Huanfeng Pavilion, Juexue Hut, and Shenghui Pavilion.

Forest Park: It is one of the most important parks amongst the nine famous parks of China. Located on the outer regions of north Fuzhou in the Chiqiao Village this park is a great tourist attraction joint as well as a valuable asset for scientific research. Earlier it was known as the "Tree Park". This park features a lush forest region, a tree nursery, a greenhouse, a special tree sample park, and an area to rest and enjoy.

Some other famous regions in Fuzhou include:

  • The Shibachong Stream:
  • Gushan Mountain
  • Tomb of Lin Zexu
  • Pingtan Island

Last Updated on: October 7th, 2017