Zhangzhou City

The Zhangzhou City is located on the southern region of the Fujian Province towards the lower areas of the Jiulong River. Zhangzhou City is spread on an area of 12,600 square kilometers. This ancient port city of foreign trade is the delivery center of commercial cargoes.
Zhangzhou features mountains, the sea, rocks, caves, pavilions, tablets, temples, bridges, trees, flowers, and fruit. The main cultivation o this region is oranges, tangerines, bananas, shaddocks, longans, litchis, pineapples along with some others fruits.

This historical and cultural city of Fujian holds a population of 4.3 million approximately. It is famous for its colorful and bright folk culture, beautiful ambiance, historical sites and enthralling tourist destinations.

Some of the famous places of Zhangzhou include : 

The Ancient Tonghshan Castle : It is situated on the northwestern region of Dongshan Island in the Tongling Town. This stone castle was built in 1387 to protect the region from Japanese pirates. The entrance is surrounded by the ancient houses where Huang Daozhou the administrator of the Ming Dynasty was born. Its prominent features are the magnificent gate tower, crisscross paths connecting the corridors and the Temple of Guan Yu.

Jiuhou Mountain : It is located at a distance of 163 kilometers from Zhangzhou in the northeastern part of Zhangzhou. It was built somewhere in between the rule of the Tang Dynasty. It features nine peaks strewn made of granite rocks and holding peculiar designs, Wanghai Tower, the Wuru Academy of Classical Learning, and inscriptions carved on cliffs. It is popularly known as the "No.1 Mountain in southern Fujian".

Lingtong Crag : It is located in the Dafeng Mountains of the Daxi Town in the Pinghe County. It is full of rocks with peculiar shapes and has almost eighteen picturesque sceneries. It features the dwelling place of Wu Feng well known in Taiwan as "the god of Mount Ali".

Tianzhu Mountain : Located at southeastern region of the Chanqtai County Tianzhu Mountain is also known as the "sky pillar that thrusts into the clouds". It possesses more than twenty historical remnants along with many beautiful picturesque scenes including the Song Dynasty inscriptions cliff sides, Xiangbi, Wanggui, Pantuo, Pingfeng rocks Yuxian Spring and the Guanhai Tower.

Last Updated on: October 7th, 2017