Quanzhou City

The ancient Quanzhou city is located on the southeastern region of the Fujian province along the northern banks of the river Jinjiang. Quanzhou encompasses an area of 11,000 square kilometers and has a population of 6 million approximately.
Quanzhou :  is the famous cultural city and in the middle ages was an important port too. It has varied and luxurious folk music, opera, dance, martial arts, fold customs, clothing, handicrafts, and goods. It is a familial home to all the Chinese residing in abroad and people living I the neighboring regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Quanzhou :  is also called the "city of coral trees" because of possessing Indian coral trees during the period between 907 and 960. Being located on the southern tropical region Quanzhou experiences a maritime monsoon climate and remains warm and humid all throughout the year.

One amongst the premier countries chosen by the state Quanzhou possess a great history, a distinguished culture, simple and exclusive life style, eminent personalities and one of the most beautiful places in Fujian are renound all over the world for their beauty and ambiance. Quanzhou is famous all over the region and through out the world for its stone, porcelain, tea, Nanyin music, opera, martial arts, handicrafts and other traditional cultural norms.

Some of the famous places in Quanzhou include : 
Qingyuan Mountain : The Mountain stands on the northern region of Quanzhou. It is famous for its striking rocks and natural springs. The peak possess of almost 36 picturesque sites featuring the Lao Zi's Rock at the foot of Mount Luoshan and Mount Wushan featuring a sitting statue of Lao Zi along with the mountain peaks facing each other.

The Kaiyuan Temple : This national historic remnant is located at Xijie Street of urban Quanzhou and is being preserved under the state protection wing. The Kaiyuan Temple was built around 686. By the year 738 The Kaiyuan Temple was known by the following names Lianhua, Xingjiao, and Longxing Temple.

Luoyang Bridge : This famous place was built somewhere between 1053 and 1056 on the outer region towards the northeastern site of Quanzhou near the Luoyang River. It is also called the Wan'an Bridge. This bridge stretching over1, 200 meters and 5 meters wide with 46 piers, 500 balustrade posts, 28 carved lions, 7 stone kiosks, and 5 stone pagodas is affine example of bridge construction as it has been a durable foundation as that of a raft by raising oysters on the surface.

Some other famous places in Quanzhou include : 
  • Qingshui Crag in Anxi
  • Qingjing Mosque
  • Chongwu, an Ancient Town
  • Holy Muslim Tombs
  • The Qudougong Ancient Porcelain Kiln

Last Updated on: October 7th, 2017