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Map of Western Australia

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Description: Showing the state capital, major cities, towns, airports, roads and rail network in Map of Western Australia. Disclaimer

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Facts about Western Australia
DemonymWestern Australian, West Australian, Sandgroper (colloquial)
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
Area2,645,615 km²
Time zoneUTC+8 (AWST)
Places to VisitKings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth Zoo, Scitech Discovery Centre, Museum of Western Australia, Perth Mint, The Bell Tower, Caversham Wildlife Park, Adventure World, Fremantle Prison, Rockingham Wild Encounters

The largest state in Australia, Western Australia occupies the entire western third of the continent. The total area covered by the state is 1,021,478 square miles. The state is home to over 2.3 million people.

Western Australia is bordered by the Northern Territory to the north-east, South Australia to the south-east, Indian Ocean to the north and west, and the Great Australian Bight and Indian Ocean to the south.

Western Australia was initially established as Swan River Colony in 1829 by Captain James Stirling. Responsible Government was granted to the state in 1890 and in 1901, Western Australia formally achieved statehood.

The government of Western Australia functions in the framework of a constitutional monarchy. The Queen of Australia(Queen Elizabeth II) is the sovereign of the state.

The executive power of the state is nominally vested in her State representative, that is, the Governor. Malcolm McCusker is the current Governor of the nation.

The economy of Western Australia is heavily dependent on the extraction and processing of a variety of minerals and petroleum commodities. Tourism and fishing industry also contribute significantly to the state's revenues.

The long crystal-clear coastline with brilliant coral reefs make Western Australia a large aquatic playground. The exotic marine life of the state leaves the traveller with a sense of awe. The rocky gorges and the wilderness of the forests is just spectacular. Rottnest Island, Yanchep National Park, Porongurup National Park, Penguin Island, and Derby are some of the major attractions of the state.

Last Updated On : September 07, 2016

  Local government areas of Western Australia  
Metropolitan LGAs
NameCouncil SeatPolulationArea (sq km)
ArmadaleArmadale60,983560.3 km2 (216.3 sq mi)
BassendeanBassendean14,79010.4 km2 (4.0 sq mi)
BayswaterMorley61,86532.8 km2 (12.7 sq mi)
BelmontCloverdale35,08239.7 km2 (15.3 sq mi)
CambridgeFloreat26,95922.0 km2 (8.5 sq mi)
CanningCannington88,43364.9 km2 (25.1 sq mi)
ClaremontClaremont9,8914.9 km2 (1.9 sq mi)
CockburnSpearwood91,313168.1 km2 (64.9 sq mi)
CottesloeCottesloe8,2223.9 km2 (1.5 sq mi)
East FremantleEast Fremantle7,5343.1 km2 (1.2 sq mi)
FremantleFremantle28,62619.0 km2 (7.3 sq mi)
GosnellsGosnells106,724127.3 km2 (49.2 sq mi)
JoondalupJoondalup164,44598.9 km2 (38.2 sq mi)
KalamundaKalamunda55,814324.4 km2 (125.3 sq mi)
KwinanaKwinana Town Centre29,029120.1 km2 (46.4 sq mi)
MelvilleArdross102,43452.9 km2 (20.4 sq mi)
Mosman ParkMosman Park9,4404.4 km2 (1.7 sq mi)
MundaringMundaring38,910643.7 km2 (248.5 sq mi)
NedlandsNedlands22,50820.0 km2 (7.7 sq mi)
Peppermint GrovePeppermint Grove1,7491.1 km2 (0.42 sq mi)
PerthPerth17,9558 km2 (3.1 sq mi)
RockinghamRockingham104,130257.1 km2 (99.3 sq mi)
South PerthSouth Perth43,90819.8 km2 (7.6 sq mi)
StirlingStirling202,014104.8 km2 (40.5 sq mi)
SubiacoSubiaco18,8627.0 km2 (2.7 sq mi)
SwanMidland112,9601044.0 km2 (403.1 sq mi)
Victoria ParkVictoria Park32,95817.9 km2 (6.9 sq mi)
VincentLeederville31,20911.4 km2 (4.4 sq mi)
WannerooWanneroo150,106685.5 km2 (264.7 sq mi)

  Non-metropolitan LGAs  
NameCouncil SeatPolulationArea (sq km)
AlbanyAlbany36,0424310.5 km2 (1664.3 sq mi)
AshburtonTom Price6,730101213.7 km2 (39078.8 sq mi)
Augusta-Margaret RiverMargaret River12,5092123.0 km2 (819.7 sq mi)
BeverleyBeverley1,7552372.1 km2 (915.9 sq mi)
BoddingtonBoddington1,6921900.4 km2 (733.7 sq mi)
Boyup BrookBoyup Brook1,6192827.3 km2 (1091.6 sq mi)
Bridgetown-GreenbushesBridgetown4,5601339.8 km2 (517.3 sq mi)
BrooktonBrookton1,0061602.2 km2 (618.6 sq mi)
BroomeBroome16,29854796.6 km2 (21157.1 sq mi)
Broomehill-TambellupTambellup1,2562609.9 km2 (1007.7 sq mi)
Bruce RockBruce Rock1,0392726.7 km2 (1052.8 sq mi)
BunburyBunbury34,62365.3 km2 (25.2 sq mi)
BusseltonBusselton31,7671454.5 km2 (561.6 sq mi)
CapelCapel13,370558.1 km2 (215.5 sq mi)
CarnamahCarnamah7622876.4 km2 (1110.6 sq mi)
CarnarvonCarnarvon6,21946664.9 km2 (18017.4 sq mi)
Chapman ValleyNabawa1,0593988.4 km2 (1539.9 sq mi)
ChitteringBindoon4,5191220.9 km2 (471.4 sq mi)
CollieCollie9,4701710.8 km2 (660.5 sq mi)
CoolgardieCoolgardie3,96330380.8 km2 (11730.1 sq mi)
CoorowCoorow1,1844193.5 km2 (1619.1 sq mi)
CorriginCorrigin1,2782682.3 km2 (1035.6 sq mi)
CranbrookCranbrook1,1453278.2 km2 (1265.7 sq mi)
CuballingCuballing8691195.6 km2 (461.6 sq mi)
CueCue27813606.7 km2 (5253.6 sq mi)
CunderdinCunderdin1,2681863.9 km2 (719.7 sq mi)
DalwallinuDalwallinu1,3637235.2 km2 (2793.5 sq mi)
DandaraganJurien Bay3,3086718.3 km2 (2594.0 sq mi)
DardanupDardanup13,125526.1 km2 (203.1 sq mi)
DenmarkDenmark5,3791860.1 km2 (718.2 sq mi)
Derby-West KimberleyDerby8,092120227.5 km2 (46420.1 sq mi)
Donnybrook-BalingupDonnybrook5,4731560.6 km2 (602.6 sq mi)
DowerinDowerin7441864.8 km2 (720.0 sq mi)
DumbleyungDumbleyung6502542.4 km2 (981.6 sq mi)
DundasNorseman1,15992656.0 km2 (35774.7 sq mi)
East PilbaraNewman8,113372301.2 km2 (143746.3 sq mi)
EsperanceEsperance14,57045059.3 km2 (17397.5 sq mi)
ExmouthExmouth2,4876504.4 km2 (2511.4 sq mi)
GinginGingin5,0543211.3 km2 (1239.9 sq mi)
GnowangerupGnowangerup1,3704266.7 km2 (1647.4 sq mi)
GoomallingGoomalling1,0641837.0 km2 (709.3 sq mi)
Greater GeraldtonGeraldton39,3689903.1 km2 (3823.6 sq mi)
Halls CreekHalls Creek3,345133358.5 km2 (51490.0 sq mi)
HarveyHarvey24,1511728.7 km2 (667.5 sq mi)
IrwinDongara3,6642375.0 km2 (917.0 sq mi)
JerramungupJerramungup1,1666509.2 km2 (2513.2 sq mi)
Kalgoorlie-BoulderKalgoorlie32,62095242.1 km2 (36773.2 sq mi)
KatanningKatanning4,7031518.8 km2 (586.4 sq mi)
KellerberrinKellerberrin1,3361917.1 km2 (740.2 sq mi)
KentNyabing5795630.9 km2 (2174.1 sq mi)
KojonupKojonup2,2372932.0 km2 (1132.1 sq mi)
KondininKondinin1,0217426.7 km2 (2867.5 sq mi)
KoordaKoorda4742835.2 km2 (1094.7 sq mi)
KulinKulin9144720.2 km2 (1822.5 sq mi)
Lake GraceLake Grace1,45011891.7 km2 (4591.4 sq mi)
LavertonLaverton749180126.7 km2 (69547.3 sq mi)
LeonoraLeonora1,87531940.6 km2 (12332.3 sq mi)
MandurahMandurah70,413174.3 km2 (67.3 sq mi)
ManjimupManjimup10,1597026.9 km2 (2713.1 sq mi)
MeekatharraMeekatharra1,228100327.0 km2 (38736.5 sq mi)
MenziesMenzies242124793.9 km2 (48183.2 sq mi)
MerredinMerredin3,4023297.1 km2 (1273.0 sq mi)
MingenewMingenew4501937.4 km2 (748.0 sq mi)
MooraMoora2,5433766.8 km2 (1454.4 sq mi)
MorawaMorawa8813517.2 km2 (1358.0 sq mi)
Mount MagnetMount Magnet63913893.4 km2 (5364.3 sq mi)
Mount MarshallBencubbin65310197.0 km2 (3937.1 sq mi)
MukinbudinMukinbudin5493438.4 km2 (1327.6 sq mi)
MurchisonMurchison11245109.6 km2 (17416.9 sq mi)
MurrayPinjarra15,4011711.0 km2 (660.6 sq mi)
NannupNannup1,3383054.5 km2 (1179.3 sq mi)
NarembeenNarembeen8353836.0 km2 (1481.1 sq mi)
Narrogin Town ofNarrogin4,76513.1 km2 (5.1 sq mi)
NarroginNarrogin8651619.2 km2 (625.2 sq mi)
NgaanyatjarrakuWarburton1,543160732.9 km2 (62059.3 sq mi)
NorthamNortham11,2581432.3 km2 (553.0 sq mi)
NorthamptonNorthampton3,56812637.6 km2 (4879.4 sq mi)
NungarinNungarin2331164.1 km2 (449.5 sq mi)
PerenjoriPerenjori5338310.7 km2 (3208.8 sq mi)
PingellyPingelly1,2881294.8 km2 (499.9 sq mi)
PlantagenetMount Barker5,0714877.2 km2 (1883.1 sq mi)
Port Hedland Town ofPort Hedland14,62418482.2 km2 (7136.0 sq mi)
QuairadingQuairading1,1112018.4 km2 (779.3 sq mi)
RavensthorpeRavensthorpe2,3499832.7 km2 (3796.4 sq mi)
RoebourneRoebourne19,14315277.7 km2 (5898.8 sq mi)
SandstoneSandstone14332714.2 km2 (12631.0 sq mi)
Serpentine-JarrahdaleMundijong17,212904.7 km2 (349.3 sq mi)
Shark BayDenham98024183.7 km2 (9337.4 sq mi)
TamminTammin4691102.6 km2 (425.7 sq mi)
Three SpringsThree Springs7042656.2 km2 (1025.6 sq mi)
ToodyayToodyay4,7071693.0 km2 (653.7 sq mi)
TrayningTrayning3931652.4 km2 (638.0 sq mi)
Upper GascoyneGascoyne Junction33058007.1 km2 (22396.7 sq mi)
Victoria PlainsCalingiri9432553.3 km2 (985.8 sq mi)
WaginWagin1,8931946.6 km2 (751.6 sq mi)
WanderingWandering4391900.8 km2 (733.9 sq mi)
WaroonaWaroona3,842832.3 km2 (321.4 sq mi)
West ArthurDarkan8902833.8 km2 (1094.1 sq mi)
WestoniaWestonia1973316.4 km2 (1280.5 sq mi)
WickepinWickepin7722040.9 km2 (788.0 sq mi)
WilliamsWilliams1,0002305.6 km2 (890.2 sq mi)
WilunaWiluna746181662.3 km2 (70140.2 sq mi)
Wongan-BalliduWongan Hills1,4983368.4 km2 (1300.5 sq mi)
WoodanillingWoodanilling4641128.8 km2 (435.8 sq mi)
WyalkatchemWyalkatchem5241595.8 km2 (616.1 sq mi)
Wyndham-East KimberleyKununurra7,971112415.5 km2 (43403.9 sq mi)
YalgooYalgoo26527975.8 km2 (10801.5 sq mi)
YilgarnSouthern Cross1,55830405.1 km2 (11739.5 sq mi)
YorkYork3,6382133.2 km2 (823.6 sq mi)

  External (Federal) territories  
NameCouncil SeatPolulationArea (sq km)
Christmas IslandChristmas Island1,462136.7 km2 (52.8 sq mi)
CocosHome Island60514.1 km2 (5.4 sq mi)

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