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Maryland Map (MD)

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Where is Maryland ?
Maryland (MD), a state is in the Mid Atlantic region of the USA. It is bordered by Virginia, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
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Situated on the eastern coastline of the South Atlantic part of the USA(United States of America), The Map Of Maryland covers a total area of 16,797.04 square miles. The state is sub divided into 24 counties, which are each governed by county seats.

The Interstate Highways of 95, 83, 81, 695, 97 and 495 connect the northern and southern part of Maryland. The eastern end is joined to the western end of Maryland by the Interstate Highways of 70, 270 and 68.

CSX Transportation and Canton Railroads are some of the major companies that providing rail services in Maryland. The Patapsco, Susquehanna, Patuxent and Potomac rivers are a few of the major rivers of Maryland.

The state boasts many golfing destinations in Berlin, Easton and Baltimore. Catoctin Mountain Park and Antietam National Battlefield are some national parks in the state. Some of the famous museums are the National Capital Trolley Museum and Sandy Spring Museum.

Health insurance are offered by regulated private companies. State-sanctioned auto insurance is offered for those who find it difficult to get coverage from private companies.

Real estate often sells quickly, due to the rapidly growing economy. Mortgage lenders are required to take professional courses before they are licensed to practice. Loans are given through state agencies for people with special abilities.

Higher Education
Johns Hopkins University is one highly regarded institution.

Last Updated On : June 19, 2013

The official flag of Maryland has the black and gold design which is the coat of arms of the Calvert family and the red and white design which is the coat of arms of the Crossland family.
Joined the UnionApril 28, 1788 (7th state)
NicknameOld Line State
Largest CityBaltimore
Area12,407 sq mi
Highest pointHoye-Crest
Lowest pointAtlantic Ocean
Time ZoneEST(UTC-5)
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