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Delaware (DE) Map

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Where is Delaware (DE) ?
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Nicknamed the 'The First State', Delaware (DE) is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It is the sixth least populous state in the USA.
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The map of Delaware state clearly defines the geographical and political contours of the state. The State of Delaware is located on the eastern coast of the United States of America.
Delaware is spread over total area of 5,295 square kilometer. The state is surrounded by Pennsylvania on its northern border, by New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern border and by Maryland on its western and southern border. Delaware Map is politically sub divided into 3 Counties for administrative convenience.

Each County is administered by the respective County Seats. The good roads and well laid railway tracks help in the easy intra and inter-state accessibility of Delaware.

The northern part of Delaware is connected to its southern end by the Interstate 95. Delaware has 48 golf courses. Magnolia, Newark, Lewes,Wilmington, Georgetown, Seaford, Middletown and Dover are some of the well known golfing destinations of Delaware. The state is drained by several rivers. Mispillion River, Delaware River and Nanticoke River are few of the important rivers of Delaware.

The museums of Delaware reflect the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacy of the sate through the various artifacts and craft works. Delaware Public Archives, Johnson Victrola Museum and State House Museum are some of the prominent museums of Delaware in USA.

Last Update On : Dec 12, 2012

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Flag of Delaware
Adopted on 24th July 1913, the flag of Delaware consists of the coat of arms of Delaware state inside a buff colored diamond on a colonial blue field and the date on which Delaware ratified the US constitution
Joined the UnionDec 7, 1787
NicknameThe First State
Largest CityWilmington
Area2490 sq. mi
Highest PointNear the Ebright Azimuth
Lowest PointAtlantic Ocean sea level
Time ZoneEastern: UTC -5/-4
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