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West Virginia Map (WV)

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Where is West Virginia ?
West Virginia (WV) is the 41st biggest state and located in the Appalachian region of the Southern USA. It's largest city and capital is Charleston. The state is famous for skiing destinations. The main airport in the state is the Yeager Airport, round the clock flights are available from here to all major destinations in the world.
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West Virginia (WV) is the 35th state of the United States. It lies in the Appalachian region and its neighbors are the U.S. states of Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. A West Virginia Map can work as an absolute guide to make you familiar with the various tourist attractions and major places of interest in the state of WV. By area, it is the 41st biggest state in the country. The capital and biggest city is Charleston.
Tourist attractions in West Virginia
A West Virginia Map helps you find out the important roads, capital city, top hotels, airports, and famous tourist destinations in the state of WV. The major tourist attractions in the state are listed below:
  • Bluefield - It is the tallest city in WV, lying in the East River Mountains.
  • Beckley - Houses the Tamarack and a coal pit for display.
  • Charleston - The capital of the state and cultural hub.
  • Charles Town - A famous town established by Charles Washington, youngest brother of George Washington.
  • Huntington - Houses the Marshall University.
  • Harpers Ferry - An important Civil War base and the most famous tourist spot in WV.
  • Parkersburg - It is home to the Blennerhassett Island.
  • Morgantown - Meeting place for the West Virginia University rock climbers.
  • Wheeling - The city is famous for a trendy casino and Victorian design.
Other famed tourist destinations include the following :
  • Monongahela National Forest - More than 919,000 acres of jungle extending from Richwood to Elkins.
  • Blackwater Falls State Park - This state park is the most snapped place in the state, moving across a canyon beside the Blackwater River, Hotels in West Virginia
The Mountain State houses a wide variety of hotels that suit all kinds of budget and tastes. Some of the most popular hotels in West Virginia are mentioned below :
  • Embassy Suites Charleston
  • The Greenbrier
  • Residence Inn Charleston
  • Hilton Garden Inn Morgantown
  • Fairfield Inn Beckley
Millstone, Charleston, Wileyville, Morgantown, Beckley, Martinsburg, Elkins, Huntington, Parkersburg, Fairmont, Princeton, and Madison are the cities where the famous hotels of WV are housed.

Airlines in West Virginia
Major airlines providing flights in and out of the state include Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, United, Northwest Airlines, and US Airways. The Yeager Airport in Charleston is the principal airport of the state.

Economy of West Virginia
West Virginia economy is flourishing and it was ranked 62nd by the World Bank among all the economies in the world, just behind Iraq in 2009. Major industries include automobile, aerospace, steels and metals, education and healthcare, manufacturing, media and telecommunications, biometrics, hospitality, tourism, and forestry. Tourism is a key employment generator in the state.

Flag of West Virginia
The official flag of West Virginia consists of the white background with a dark blue border and has the coat of arms of the state at the center.
Joined the UnionJun 20, 1863
NicknameMountain State
Largest CityCharleston
Area24,230 sq mi
Highest PointSpruce Knob
Lowest PointPotomac River at Virginia border
Time ZoneUTC-5/-4

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