Hainan Province Map

Hainan, an island of China , is considered to be the second largest island here. It is actually a group of more than two hundred islands in the South China Sea. But though Hainan is a big island, it occupies relatively
a small portion in the whole of China . Hainan , for its lush green sceneries is known as the Jade Cliff from earlier times.

Hainan has a rich historical background of its own. This province has passed through various famous ruling dynasties in China. Some of them are, Han Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and others. In the relatively modern period, in 1920s Hainan was known for its communist activists and their activities. Hainan has been for several times declared as a single province and again was included in some other provinces. In present days, Hainan's administrative system is slightly different from the administration of other provinces.

Hainan belongs to a Monsoon climate . Its weather is marked with a high level of humidity. The temperature here during the hot months can reach up to almost 30 degree Celsius and in the winter it can range in between 10 to 19 degree Celsius. To the people of mainland of China this island is regarded as a dangerous province for its typhoon prone climate.

Hainan is naturally blessed with many rivers and lakes and also proximity to the sea. Some of the rivers that pass through this island are, Xinwu, Nandu etc. In its central area there is the mountain region and the weather near this area is relatively cold.

Hainan is a very nice tourist attraction for its greeneries as well as beautiful beaches and hot springs. This province is not under heavy industries and as a result is still blessed wildly with natural beauties. In fact Hainan economy is mostly depended on tourism.

Hainan , which was previously known as a land fit for exile is now a hot spot for travelers and also growing in popularity day by day.

Last Updated on: October 9th, 2017