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Airports in Wisconsin

by Vishul Malik

General Mitchell International Airport in Wisconsin is the busiest airport in the state and other busiest commercial service primary airports in WI are Dane County Regional Airport, Austin Straubel International Airport, Outagamie County Regional Airport, Central Wisconsin Airport, La Crosse Municipal Airport, etc.

Wisconsin Airports Map


Airports in Wisconsin

There are 132 airports in Wisconsin for the public to use. The airports in Wisconsin are well connected to major cities in USA. Airports in Wisconsin provide quality service to the customers and have the latest in aviation technology.

The international airports in Wisconsin are the Austin Straubel International Airport at Green Bay and the General Mitchell International Airport at Milwaukee.

The General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee is the busiest of all the airports in Wisconsin. It serves more than six million people annually. The airport offers many amenities and services for its customers. It has coffee shops, a used-books’ store, a conference room, a food-court, restaurant and banquet facilities, news and gifts shop, banking facilities, other retail stores and a family-care-room.

The airport is also disabled-friendly. It has TDD phones for the hearing impaired, accessible restrooms and convenient parking spots. Skycap assistance is also provided for those who seek it.

The airlines that serve the airport are Comair, Delta Airlines, Air Canada, USA 3000, Northwest Airlines, American Eagle, Midwest Airlines, Continental Express, Frontier Airlines, United Express, AirTran Airways and US Airways Express.

The Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay is the third busiest airport in the state of Wisconsin. It has ATMs, banking facilities, paging service, facilities for people with disabilities, a photo kiosk and wireless Internet facility spread out all over its terminal. The airport also has a business center with necessary support systems. The airlines that serve the airport are Allegiant Air, United Express, Northwest (Airlink), American Eagle, Midwest Express and Delta Connection.

Maps of Major Airports in Wisconsin

List of Airports in Wisconsin

Airport Name City Coordinates
Outagamie County Regional Airport Appleton 44°15′29″N 088°31′09″W
Chippewa Valley Regional Airport Eau Claire 44°51′57″N 091°29′03″W
Austin Straubel International Airport Green Bay 44°29′05″N 088°07′47″W
La Crosse Regional Airport La Crosse 43°52′45″N 091°15′24″W
Dane County Regional Airport Madison 43°08′23″N 089°20′15″W
General Mitchell International Airport Milwaukee 42°56′50″N 087°53′48″W
Central Wisconsin Airport Wausau 44°46′39″N 089°40′00″W
Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport Rhinelander 45°37′51″N 089°27′59″W
Boulder Junction Airport Boulder Junction 46°08′15″N 089°38′46″W
Chetek Municipal-Southworth Airport Chetek 45°18′22″N 091°38′10″W
Cornell Municipal Airport Cornell 45°09′55.88″N 91°06′20.51″W
Joshua Sanford Field Hillsboro 43°39′24″N 090°19′41″W
Necedah Airport Necedah 44°02′00″N 090°05′06″W
Prentice Airport Prentice 45°32′19″N 090°16′33″W
Gilbert Field Rio 43°27′0″N 89°15′0″W
Bloyer Field Tomah 43°58′34″N 090°28′50″W
Verona Airport Verona 42°59′22″N 089°30′34″W

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