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Wisconsin State Profile

by Vishul Malik

Where is Wisconsin? Wisconsin is a state located in the north-central United States. The state is bordered by Lake Superior and the state of Michigan on the north; by Lake…

Where is Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is a state located in the north-central United States. The state is bordered by Lake Superior and the state of Michigan on the north; by Lake Michigan on the east; by Illinois on the south; and on the west by Iowa and Minnesota.

What is the capital of Wisconsin?

Madison is the capital city of Wisconsin. It is the second largest city in the state.

What is the largest city of Wisconsin?

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin with an area of 96.9 square miles. It is the twenty-eighth most populous city in the United States with a population of 1,751,316 as of 2010.

How big is Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is the twenty-third largest state in the United States covering an area of 65,503 square miles.

What is the nickname of Wisconsin?

The official nickname of Wisconsin is the “Badger State. ” The name refers to the influx of white settlers in the state known as the Badgers.

Who are the political leaders of Wisconsin?

Governor – Scott Walker
Lieutenant Governor – Rebecca Kleefisch

When did Wisconsin achieve statehood?

The region around Wisconsin was first explored by the French explorer, Jean Nicolet in 1634. Following the French and Indian Wars in 1763, the land passed on to Great Britain; and became part of the United States in 1783. In the early 1820s, many white settlers called “Badgers” arrived in the state which subsequently led to an increase in the population. This led to a demand for a separate state. On May 29, President James K. Polk signed the bill that made Wisconsin the thirtieth state of the United States.

What is the economy of Wisconsin like?

Agriculture and manufacturing are the major sectors of the economy of Wisconsin. Wisconsin had a gross state product of $248.3 billion in 2010, while the per capita personal income was $38,432. In June 2010, the unemployment rate of the state was 7.9%. Agriculture is an important sector generating great revenue. The state leads the nation in cheese production. It is the second-largest producer of butter and milk. The major crops include corn for silage, cranberries, oats, potatoes, carrots, tart cherries, maple syrup, ginseng, and snap beans. Mining is also important with sand, gravel and crushed stone being the major mined products.

What is the official language of Wisconsin?

English is the official language of Wisconsin. German, French, Spanish, and Italian are also spoken.

What is the official religion of Wisconsin?

Christianity is the official and widely practiced religion of Wisconsin. Catholicism is the largest denomination followed by Protestantism.

What are the famous places in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is home to many beautiful places offering outdoor recreational opportunities. Wisconsin Dells gorge, the Cave of the Mounds at Blue Mounds, Waverly Beach, Bradford Beach, and forests of the Rhinelander and Minocqua areas are the major attractions. The state also has a number of historic sites and museums like Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee Art Center, Elvehjem Museum of Art, Circus World Museum, and National Railroad Museum.

What are the state symbols of Wisconsin?

  • State Animal:

    The badger (Taxidea taxus) is the official state animal of Wisconsin. It was designated the state animal in 1957. The state gets its nickname “The Badger State” from the animal.

  • State Bird:

    The American robin (Turdus migratorius) was designated the official state bird of Wisconsin in 1949. It is also the state bird of Michigan, and Connecticut.

  • State Tree:

    The sugar maple (Acer saccharum) is the official state tree of Wisconsin. It was chosen as the state tree in 1949. It is also known as hard maple or rock maple.

  • State Flower:

    The delicate wood violet (Viola papilionacea) was adopted as the official state flower of Wisconsin in 1909.

  • State Flag:

    The Wisconsin state flag displays the state coat of arms on both sides with a blue background. Below it is the state animal, the badger. Also depicted on the flag is a sailor and a miner. The name of the state is written at the top of the shield and below is the year when Wisconsin achieved statehood.

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