Geography of Wisconsin

Geographical Facts About Wisconsin

Area 65,503 square miles
Land Area 54,314 square miles
Water Area 11,190 square miles
Mean Elevation 320 meters
Highest Point Timms Hill (595 meters)
Lowest Point Lake Michigan (176 meters)
Geographic Center Wood County

General Features of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a state located in the north-central United States. The state is bordered by Lake Superior and the state of Michigan on the north; by Lake Michigan on the east; by Illinois on the south; and on the west by Iowa and Minnesota. The geographic center of the state lies in Wood County.

The landscape of the state comprises five geographical land areas:

  • Lake Superior Lowland: The region lying in the northern portion of the state is known as the Lake Superior Lowland. The area slopes upwards toward the south from the shores of Lake Superior.

  • Northern Highland: Covering most of northern Wisconsin, the Northern Highland lies south of the Lake Superior Lowland. The region is composed of hundreds of small lakes and heavily forested hills. The highest point in the state, Timms Hill, is located in this region.

  • Central Plain: The area lying to the south of the Northern Highland is known as the Central Plain. The area is composed of buttes and mesas.

  • Eastern Ridges and Lowlands: Lying to the east of the Central Plain, the Eastern Ridges and Lowlands is a hilly region extending from Green Bay south to Illinios. This is the most fertile region of the state.

  • Western Upland: The area lying to the west of the Central Plain, along the Mississippi River is known as the Western Upland. The area is marked by limestone and sandstone bluffs.

Climate of Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. The highest temperature recorded in the state was 46°C, in the Wisconsin Dells, on July 13, 1936. The lowest temperature in Wisconsin was '48°C; it was registered at Couderay on both February 2 and February 4, 1996.

Mountains in Wisconsin

There are many high mountain peaks in Wisconsin. The highest peak in the state is Timms Hill, followed by Lookout Mountain, and Harrison Hills.

The other mountains in the state are:
  • Mount Whittlesey
  • Rib Mountain
  • Thunder Mountain
  • Porcupine Mountain
  • Mosinee Hill
  • Blue Hills
  • Mount Telemark
  • Pearson Hill
  • Ninemile Hill
  • Mount Atlanta

Rivers in Wisconsin
The major rivers in Wisconsin are:
  • Wisconsin River
  • Mississippi River
  • St. Croix River
  • Chippewa River
  • Menominee River
  • Pine River
  • Oconto River
  • Wolf River
  • Kewaunee River
  • Kinnickinnic River

Lakes of Wisconsin
The major lakes in the state of Wisconsin are:
  • Lake Michigan
  • Lake Superior
  • Lake Winnebago
  • Castle Rock Lake
  • Devil’s Lake
  • Lake Mendota
  • Lake Poygan
  • Big Cedar Lake
  • Balsam Lake

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