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Nevada State Profile

by Vishal Kumar

Where is Nevada? Nevada is a state located in the western, and southwestern regions of the United States. The state is bordered on the north by Oregon and Idaho; on…

Where is Nevada?

Nevada is a state located in the western, and southwestern regions of the United States. The state is bordered on the north by Oregon and Idaho; on the east by Utah and Arizona; and on the west and south by California.

What is the capital of Nevada?

The capital city of Nevada is Carson City. As per the 2010 census, the estimated population of the city is 55,274. 583,756 as of 2010

What is the largest city of Nevada?

Known as the Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada covering an area of 131.3 square miles. It is also the most-populous city in the state with a population of 583,756.

How big is Nevada?

Covering an area of 110,562 square miles, Nevada is the seventh-largest state in the United States. According to the 2010 census, the state had a population of 2,700,551.

What is the nickname of Nevada?

Nevada is nicknamed the Silver State,” referring to the silver rush in the state in the mid-nineteenth century. Silver has played an important role in the economic structure of the state.

Who are the political leaders of Nevada?

Governor – Brian Sandoval
Lieutenant Governor – Brian Krolicki

When did Nevada achieve statehood?

Nevada is the thirty-sixth state of the United States; it was admitted to the Union on October 31, 1864. It was earlier part of the Utah territory and became part of the US in 1848 after the Mexican War.

What is the economy of Nevada like?

Tourism is the largest industry in Nevada. Places like the Las Vegas area, Lake Tahoe, and Laughlin draw millions of tourists to the state every year. The gross state product of the state in 2010 was estimated at $38,578 in 2010, while the per capita income was $36,997. The other important industries/sectors are agriculture, manufacturing, mining, food processing, finance and insurance.

What is the official language of Nevada?

English is the official and the most commonly used language in Nevada. The other languages spoken in the state include Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, and French.

What are the main religions practiced in Nevada?

The official language of Nevada is Christianity. The largest denomination in the state is Roman Catholicism followed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Southern Baptist Convention. There also a number of adherents of the Jewish faith.

What are the famous places in Nevada?

Nevada is home to number of museums, archaeological sites, and other historical landmarks. There are also many beaches, mountains, and scenic places in the state. Nevada Beach, Echo Canyon State Park, Great Basin National Park, Pyramid Lake, Burlesque Hall of Fame, and the Nevada State Museum are the major attractions.

What are the state symbols in Nevada?

  • State Animal:

    The desert bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) is the official state animal of Nevada. It was adopted as the state animal in 1973. It is found in the mountainous desert regions of the state.

  • State Bird:

    Mountain bluebird (Sialia currucoides) was designated the official state bird of Nevada in 1967. It is also the state bird of Idaho.

  • State Flower:

    The sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) was chosen the official state flower of Nevada in 1917. The ancient people of the state used the flower to make medicines and its bark for weaving mats.

  • State Flag:

     The official flag of Nevada was adopted on March 26, 1929, and revised in 1991. The flag consists of a cobalt blue background which has a five-pointed silver star. On both sides of the star are two sprays of sagebrush. Beneath the star, the name of the state is imprinted in gold letters.

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