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Nevada Geography

by Vishal Kumar

Nevada is the 7th largest state in the US, having a total area of 110,577 sq mi (286,382 sq km). The mean elevation is 5,500 ft (1,680 m). Boundary Peak has the highest elevation at 13,147 ft (4,007.1 m). Major Landforms of Nevada are the Great Basin, the Mojave Desert, and the Sierra Nevada. The Colorado River, Owyhee River, and Humboldt River are the longest rivers.

Geographical Facts About Nevada

Area 110,567 square miles
Land Area 109,806 square miles
Water Area 761 square miles
Mean Elevation 1,676 meters
Highest Point Boundary Peak (4,005 meters)
Lowest Point Colorado River (146 meters)
Geographic Center Lander County

Nevada Geographical Features

Nevada is a state located in the western, and southwestern regions of the United States. The state is bordered on the north by Oregon and Idaho; on the east by Utah and Arizona; and on the west and south by California. The geographic center of the state is in Lander County.

The Nevada landscape is composed of sandy deserts, snow covered mountains, and grassy valleys. The state can be divided into three land regions: the Columbia Plateau, the Sierra Nevada, and the Basin and Range Region.

  • Columbia Plateau:

    The northeastern part of Nevada is referred to as the Columbia Plateau. The region comprises rivers and streams.

  • Sierra Nevada:

    It is a mountain range passing through the state south of Carson city. Lake Tahoe lies in the valleys of the Sierra Nevada.

  • Basin and Range Region:

    Most of the state of Nebraska lies within the Basin and Range Region. The region is bordered by the Sierra Nevada on the west. The Toiyabe and Toquima mountain ranges lie in the center of the region.

Climate of Nevada

Nevada has desert and semiarid climate regions. The highest temperature recorded in the state is 52 ° C at Laughlin on June 29, 1994; while the lowest temperature in the state was ’46 ° C; this was registered on January 8, 1937 at San Jacinto. Nevada is the driest state in the United States with scarce precipitation in most parts of the state. Snowfall is occasional in the hilly area of the state.

Major Mountains in Nevada

There are 2,167 mountain peaks in Nevada. Boundary Peak is the highest point in the state. The other mountains in the state are:

Wheeler Peak Charleston Peak
Pyramid Peak Mount Moriah
Currant Mountain Granite Peak
Mount Silliman Duckwater Peak
Buck Mountain Mahogany Mountain

Major Rivers in Nevada

The major rivers in the state are:

Colorado River Amargosa River
Columbia River Quinn River
Truckee River Reese River
Humboldt River Muddy River
Carson River

Major Lakes in Nevada

Nebraska has a number of lakes. The major lakes in the state are:

Pyramid Lake Angel Lake
Lake Mead Overland Lake
Lake Mojave Favre Lake
Lake Tahoe Lake Las Vegas
Walker Lake

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