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Cricket World Cup Logo

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The 2007 ICC World Cup symbolizes the spirit of the Caribbean. This region is known for its music and laid back life style. As almost all of these countries are islands, the sea has a big influence on this region.

All these realities are manifested in the logo for the World Cup.

The logo depicts a man running with a bat in his hand. The man is depicted in the colour maroon, which is representative of the West Indies. The West Indian team always dons maroon jerseys during the shorter version of the game. The man has a bat in his hand raised above his head. It shows that he is celebrating and dancing to the calypso music. The three wickets are shaped in such a way that it looks like the trunk of a coconut tree. Coconut leaves are also represented in the logo and the ball is shaped like a coconut in the logo. The logo has a blue background, which symbolizes the ocean.

The logo was officially unveiled in New Delhi. To sum up, the logo depicts the passion of the people of the Caribbean region.