Exports in Comoros

by Aakash Singha

The perfume distilled from ylang-ylang is a unique make of Comoros. This perfume is largely exported from Comoros to USA and European nations. Vanilla is also widely exported from Comoros.

Comoros export its items largely to European countries and the United States of America. The export of Comoros also reaches many Arab countries. One of the major Comoros export items is perfume.

The perfume in Comoros is distilled on a large scale from ylang-ylang. Comoros is said to be the largest producer of essence from ylang-ylang. This particular essence has created an extensive demand in Europe and US. Henceforth, the Government of Comoros has taken initiatives to export the perfume to these nations to stabilize the economy of Comoros.

Comoros is also credited as the second largest country in the production of plant-like vanilla. The vanilla makes one of the major export items for Comoros. The other items that make up a large part of Comoro’s export include handicraft items. Among these handicraft items of Comoros, the most popular are the jewelry items. The goldsmiths and jewelry designers of Comoros make exquisite designs of gold, shells, and many other items. These jewelry items of Comoros have created a big market for themselves in Europe and US. The export of these jewelry items fetches a bulk of money for the Comoros economy.

The Government of Comoros has relaxed export charge rates on many export items. These steps have encouraged the businessmen to export from Comoros and make profits.

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