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Comoros Hotels

by Vishal Kumar

The Hotels in Comoros cater mostly to foreigners visiting the country. Basic accommodation is prevalent in most of the hotels in Comoros.

The hotels in Comoros cater mostly to foreigners visiting the country. The absence of industry makes the country a place, which does not appeal much to the high-spending business tourists.

This has resulted in a surfeit of budget category hotels.

Basic accommodation is prevalent in most hotels in Comoros. The variety of hotel Comoros could be superficially divided into standard hotels and beach bungalows. The beach bungalows are suitable for visitors seeking a more adventurous time in the tropical islands. The bungalows are located next to the beach and are an excellent resting spot for persons who wish to engage in marine activities like scuba-diving. The quality of comfort is basic and consists of a bed, a telephone, and an attached bathroom.

There are a number of budget hotels in Comoros. The budget hotels of Comoros offer travelers great value for their money. Travelers with a comparatively stronger economic background may opt for the very few luxury accommodations that are available in the Comoros archipelago. This type of luxury accommodation includes the Le Galawa Beach Resort. The Le Galawa Beach Resort is situated on Njazidja Island.

The non-comprehensive list of hotels in Comoros includes the following accommodation:

  • Maloudja Beach Bungalows Comoros and Mayotte
  • Mitsamioul
  • Hotel Caribou Mayotte

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