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Cameroon Climate

by Vishal Kumar

The geographical coordinates of the country are 6 00 N and 12 00 E. The climate of Cameroon depends on the physical geography of the country. The climate of the coastal region is different from that of the mountains.

The climate of the coastal region of Cameroon is different from that of the mountains. The two distinct climate areas of this country are the northern and the southern regions.

The average temperature of the coastal plain ranges from 22 degrees to 29 degrees C. The coastal area receives 250 to 400 cm of rainfall, while the inland area receives 150 to 250 cm of rainfall. Mt. Cameroon receives 600 to 900 cm of rainfall in a year.

According to the met department, the southern part has got two dry seasons from November to March and June to August. The climate of the northern part is comparatively comfortable. The temperature varies from 23 degrees to 26 degrees C. This central plateau receives 150 cm to 60 cm of rainfall a year. The dry season of this region continues from October to March.