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Geography of Comoros

The geography of Comoros consists of an archipelago. The jurisdiction of Union of the Comoros extends over 3 islands, Mwali, Ngazidja and Nzwani. The fourth island namely Mayotte is under French control.

The geography of Comoros includes all the major 4 islands and the numerous islets that fall under its topography. The islands are located in the Indian Ocean. Comoros is positioned between the island of Madagascar and the African coast. The capital city Moroni is situated on Ngazidja Island. The Union of the Comoros is one of the smallest countries in the world. The total area of the Indian Ocean island country is a mere 2.235 square kilometers. The interior topography of the islands is characterized by high mountains and low hills. The average temperature in the summer is 30°Centigrade. Wintertime in the archipelago sees the temperature hovering at 19°Centigrade.

The Comoros islands are formed by volcanic activity. Mount Karthala is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is situated at Ngazidja. Ngazidja is the largest Comoros Island. The island of Mwali is the smallest. The oldest island is Mayotte. Mayotte has a number of excellent natural harbors. Coral reefs are also a part of its geography. The archipelago suffers extreme tropical storms during the course of a year.