Cameroon Education

The educational system of Cameroon is very popular in Africa. The method of learning is different in the eastern and the western part of Cameroon. The educational system of East Cameroon followed the methods of French model and the West Cameroon's system was based on the British model. In 1976, the two systems merged up making a stronger learning system in Cameroon.

The Cameroon education is mainly divided into four categories namely, tertiary education, primary, secondary and higher education. The primary schools in Cameroon provide free education to the students and it is mandatory for every pupil. There are several primary schools in the country providing basic education to the children of Cameroon. Some of the primary schools belong to the government and others are run by religious organizations.

After completing primary education, a student can pursue higher education, depending upon the financial condition of the family. The secondary educational system is divided into three parts namely, secondary schools, vocational schools and apprenticeships. For further studies a student can take admission in any of the six public varsities of Cameroon.

Last Updated : August 1st, 2018

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