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Fishing Industry of Comoros

by Aakash Singha

The Fishing Industry in association with the Government of Comoros is operating to conserve biodiversity and is beneficial for the fishermen.

The Comoros fishing industry is working on scientific methods to make the maximum benefits for the fishermen alongside the conservation of biodiversity. There are nearly 4500 fishermen in Comoros, who are registered with the Comoros fishing industry.

According to the sources ICLARM and ICRAN 2006, the fishermen in Comoros go out fishing in traditional boats in the waters of Comoros near the shore. The Comoros fishing industry has helped the economy of Comoros. According to MPRD 2005, fishing makes up 21% of the agricultural crops’ value.

At one point in time, the waterline of Comoros was used only for the fishing of the local fishermen of Comoros. But from the late 20th century, the Government of Comoros permitted foreign vessels to start their operation in the waters of Comoros. These foreign vessels started to engage mostly in the seining for tuna. The foreign vessels need to get a license from the Comoros fishing industry. Money is paid by the foreign vessels to the fishing industry of Comoros in return for each ton of netted tuna. The money is utilized by the fishing industry of Comoros in the fisheries research process and also in the promotion of fishing in Comoros.

For the conservation of biodiversity, the Comoros fishing industry in association with the Government of Comoros has established Moheli Marine Park. The fishermen can fish here. But they are restricted from the usage of certain nets or spear guns. The Park has emerged as a breeding place for sea turtles.

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