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Mount Karthala, Comoros

Thousands of tourists visit the capital of Comoros as it abounds in tourist attractions. One of the attractions in Comoros is Mount Karthala, which is an active volcano.
Mount Karthala is the highest point in Comoros and lies in the island of Grand Comore. This active volcano erupted about twenty times since nineteenth century. The last eruption took place in the year of 2006. The eruptions however did not bring the massive destruction in the islands. The volcanic eruption of 2005 made 40 thousand people evacuate their residence.

Frequent eruptions have shaped Mount Karthala into caldera. The crater lake, which was formed after the volcanic eruption in the year 1991, is no longer to be found here. The mountain consists of evergreen forests, which is the habitat of various rare species of flora and fauna in Comoros.

Adventure lovers gather here to climb up the hills of the Mount Karthala, active volcano and have a look at the crater. As Mount Karthala is an active volcano, tourists have to take precaution before visiting the area. Mount Karthala can be climbed in two days with a guide from M'vouni or Boboni located in the south of Moroni. From M'vouni, it takes about seven hours to reach the summit and then five hours back down to Boboni. Tourists willing to visit Mount karthala, Comoros can easily find accommodations in Moroni, where a number of three star hotels and quality hotels are located.

There are plans to create national parks in Mount Karthala to conserve the forests here. Creation of national parks will also increase the future prospective of the area as a tourists spot.