Travel Tianjin

Tianjin is one the four municipalities of China. Based on its historical background it has been nicknamed "Shanghai of the North". The specialties of Tianjin are large port, heavy industrial output and European architecture style.

The transportation and accommodation facilities offered by Tianjin deserves appreciation in true sense. One may travel in Tianjin through different transportation modes. Such as : 

  • Plane - Binhai International Airport, ZBTJ is located in Tianjin.

  • Bus - There is also two school bus lines linking Nankai and Tianjin Universities and Tsinghua University.

  • Car - one may avail taxis while going from Beijing to Tianjin cost 50 yuan (approximately). But these may be illegal taxis.

  • Boat - passenger boat are available in Tianjin.

  • Train - Tianjin Railway Station is probably the largest station among the Chinese cities. In the urban area there are also several other railway stations. such as Tianjin West and Tianjin North.

Apart from this Trolley Buses and Bicycles are some other transportation modes.

There are several places to visit while Tianjin trip. Those include the following : 
  • The Panshan Mountains
  • The World Economic and Trade Exhibition Centre
  • Special Economic Zone
  • Friendship Club
  • Tiancheng Monastry
  • Theatre Museum
  • Qishilin
  • Ancient Culture Street
  • Dabei Temple
  • Dabei Temple
  • Friendship Club
  • Tianjin zoo

The hotels available in Tianjin include Renaissance Tianjin, Renaissance TEDA, Crystal Palace Astor, Geneva Hotel.

It also offers a big market squire to its visitors. It is ofcourse a greatest gift for the shop alcoholic tourists. The name of this market is Market Exotic . It is located in the outskirts of Tianjin, named Tang Gu. One has to bargain there a lot to get the things in right prices. The things offered by this market include knives, lights, tobacco products, fishing gear, clothing, pens, shoes, swords, binoculars, telescopes, electric tasers guns etc.

Last Updated on: October 13th, 2017