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Map of Tianjin Province of China

Tianjin Map

Tianjin is one of the municipalities in China and is a province, it is directly under the central government. Tianjin is China's third largest city as per the area.
To the east of Tianjin province lies the Bohai Gulf, Beijing is to the northwest of Tianjin and the border of Hebei encircles the north, south and west side of Tianjin. The civilization here in Tianjin conglomerates around the bank of the river Hai He.

The place where Tianjin lie today was created due to the sedimentation of many rivers that passed through this area while on their way to the sea. With the opening of Grand canal, Tianjin came to the forefront as a trading center. Grand canal lies to the north of Tianjin and connects the Yangtze and the Hwang Ho river.

Tianjin is a flat plane and a swampy area except for the northern part which is hilly because of the Yanshan Mountains. Jiushanding Peak is the highest peak in Tianjin with an altitude of 1078 meter. The confluence of Yongdinh river, Ziya river, Daqing riber and the north and south grand canals forms the Hai He river . There are two main reservoirs in the extreme north and extreme south Tianjin, Yuqiao Reservoir in the north and Beidagang Reservoir in the south.

The climate of Tianjin is hot and humid during the summer and dry and cold during the winter. Rainfall occurs mainly during the summer. Siberian anti-cyclones enters the region during the winter. Sandstorms occurs quite often which has its origin in the Gobi Desert.

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