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Map of Ohio

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Where is Ohio ?
Ohio (OH), a state, is in the Midwestern region of USA. It is the 10th most populated state of all the 50 states in USA. The capital of this state is Columbus.
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About Ohio Map : This map of Ohio depicts the international borders of the state as well as its state borders. It also represents highways, federal highways, rail lines, lakes, rivers, vegetation, national parks or forests found in the state of Ohio. The map of Ohio also represents its state capital, Columbus, airports, major cities, other cities as well as major attractions such as Sawyer Point, Cincinatti Museum Center, German village, Marblehead Lighthouse, etc.

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A state that joined the Union in 1803 as its 17 th member, OH, which in Iroquoian means 'great water', is seen on the Ohio State map towards the eastern side of the United States. With a total area of 107,044 sq km, Ohio is one of the smallest states towards the west of Appalachian mountains. In addition, the state controls around 3,457 sq km of Lake Erie, which borders the state in the north.

History of Ohio
There is evidence to suggest that the Ohio river valley was once the embryo of civilisation. Nomadic people are suggested to have inhabited the region as early as 13,00BC. In the 18th Century, the region was colonised by the French who set up a system of trading posts in order to control the trade of fur in the area. In the mid-18th century Ohio was the subject of war between France and Great Britain. This war was known as the Seven Years War. The result was the treaty of Paris whereby the French took control of the Ohio region and the remainder went to Great Britain.

On February 19, 1803, Ohio's boundary and constitution was approved by then US President Mr. Thomas Jefferson. However, it was never passes a resolution admitting Ohio as the 17th state. It was only in the year 1812 when Louisiana was passed as the 18th state that it was officlally declared the 17th state.

Ohio lies in the Midwestern United States. It is bound by the Lake Erie and the Ohio river in the north and south respectively. It is neighboured by Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Canada.

A large part of Ohio is made up of glaciated plains and a flat area known as the Great Black Swamp in the northwest. Its climate is mostly humid continental and humid subtropical. While severe weather is common in Ohio, there is a lesser chance of tornadoes than in states situated in the "Tornado Alley".

Ohio is home to 13 state universities. These are Bowling Green State University, Cleveland State University, Miami University, Kent State University, Ohio University, the University of Akron, to name a few.

Tourist attractions in Ohio
300 wax figures featuring 70 religious scenes await visitors to the four wax museums in Manfield, OH. These museums comprise the biggest attractions in the USA . In Cincinnati, one can wonder at the extensive collection in The Signs Museum featuring all types of signs from the pre-neon era, the neon era, to the plastic era. Cincinnati is an attractive city in Southwestern Ohio, situated along Ohio River. The third largest city of Ohio, Cincinnati is renowned for art buildings, hill trekking, paddle wheel boat rides and for its peaceful and attractive riverfront. The Local Artifacts Museum, populated by stuffed animals (taxidermy) and historic scenes like the one commemorating the murder of Sheriff Jess Sarber, is a vital attraction in Lima.

Columbus, the capital and the biggest city of Ohio state, owes much to the German In Cleveland, the second largest city of Ohio, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame attracts the tourists, as do the shores of The Cuyahoga River and the infamous Lake Erie. Cleveland is also the county seat of the most populated county in the state community in the city that gives a multi-ethnic character to city. Chic Short North area and the German village are the two notable regions of the city located at the confluence of Scioto and Olentangy rivers. Topiary park, downtown Columbus is an exotic attraction.

Last Updated On : Sept 11, 2014

The official flag of Ohio has 5 stripes alternatively of red and white colors. There is a chevron of azure that has "O" of white and red colors and 17 white stars.
NicknameBuckeye State
Joined the UnionMarch 1, 1803
Largest CityColumbus
Area44,825 sq mi
Highest pointCampbell Hill
Lowest pointOhio River at Indiana border
Time ZoneEastern Time Zone UTC-5