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Mississippi Map (MS)

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Where is Mississippi ?
Mississippi (MS), a state, is in the Southern region of USA. The capital and largest city of the state is Jackson. magnolia grandiflora tree.
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The Mississippi Map shows Mississippi's location in the southern USA, and the famous Mississippi River can be clearly seen along its western border, as can nearby states.

Other pertinent information about the state:

Mississippi Insurance
People in Mississippi prefer to insure their cars so they won't lose money in the case of an accident. MS car insurance can be found online and typically rewards safe drivers and good students. Both individual and family health insurance is available in Mississippi.

Mississippi Mortgage
There are plenty of mortgage experts in Mississippi who are trained to find clients the best possible price. Mississippi mortgage rates are, however, usually very competitive.

Attorney in Mississippi
Within Mississippi, county prosecutors are responsible for assessing all charges brought forth within their jurisdictions. Lawyers are available to represent clients who may have a legal issue within the state.

Mississippi Colleges
Mississippi College is a Christian University located in Clinton, and was the first coeducational college in the U.S. to grant a degree to a woman. Mississippi hosts both technical colleges and community colleges, which offer associate's degree and certificate programs. In addition to this, Mississippi Law school is well-regarded globally and the University of Mississippi sponsors a wide variety of colleges under the UM banner.
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Mississippi Auto
Mississippi auto loans help people in the state purchase cars at affordable rates. Online services provided by many Mississippi auto dealers have made this an easy task.

The official flag of Mississippi has 3 horizontal bands of blue, white and red colors. There is a canton of sqaure shape that has 2 stripes of blue color having 13 five pointed stars and the border of white.
Joined the UnionDecember 10, 1817
NicknameMagnolia State
Largest CityJackson
Area48,430 sq mi
Highest PointWoodall Mountain
Lowest PointGulf of Mexico
Time ZoneCentral: UTC−06:00
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