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In a tech-savvy world that runs fast on time who wants to spend long hours on reading complex texts! No matter how good the content is, people often end up losing interest half-way down the lane. This is exactly what gives rise to the growing need of infographics. Given that visuals impress the mind more than the mundane, vanilla text, we at Mapsofworld.com, have converted the long pages of abstruse information into visually appealing graphics, which are precise and easy-to-comprehend. Through our infographics, we have tried to cover a diverse arena of subjects relating to travel, food, history, politics, education and various other domains. Follow this section to gain easy access to visual information without having to go through the long pages of text!

Infographics on Famous Personalities

Infographics on US Elections

What is Infographics

Maps are everywhere on MapsofWorld.com. And at the heart of all our maps is a robust repository of data. It has been our endeavor, since 2003, to bring to you accurate information in simpler, aesthetically appealing forms.

Over the past few years, Infographics have evolved into the perfect marriage of information and graphical design. Voluminous data, we found, can be represented quite simply, in a form that merits easy understanding when put into an Infographic. Infographics are also one of the very few rich media information sources which do not require any additional software or tools to use.

Since 2011, Infographics have started to be at the very center of all our work at MapsofWorld.com. We have, dedicatedly built up a collection of Infographics that cater to all our different users - students looking to work on projects, teachers looking for simple educational resources, executives looking to add media to their presentations, and just about anyone who wants to understand the world around them.

The subjects that we have chosen for our Infographics are just as diverse - from historic events to American food, from global concerns to political issues, and many others. Travel is an integral part of our work at MapsofWorld.com. Our World Fast Facts section has an exhaustive collection of Infographics about various countries - an exciting guide which can be printed and carried along quite easily. US Fast Facts focuses on the 50 states and the graphics represent the spirit of each state quite well.

We, at Mapsofworld.com, are committed in our mission to bring you better and more Infographics each day. We also welcome your suggestions and feedback. If there is an Infographic you'd like us to add, write in to us at social @mapsofworld.com

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