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Wisconsin Flag

by Aakash Singha

The flag of Wisconsin has state coat of arms at the center. Initially it was designed when needed for battlefield use. It was modified in 1979 to add "Wisconsin" and "1848", the year Wisconsin joined the Union.

Wisconsin Flag

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History of Wisconsin Flag

Initially flag of Wisconsin was designed in 1863 when required in battelfield use by regiments from Wisconsin.

It got it full official recognizition in 1913. Later it was modified in 1979 to include “Wisconsin” and “1848”, the year state of Wisconsin joined the Union. In this way the Wisconsin Flag could easily be distinguished from other flags.

Symbolism of Wisconsin Flag

1848 on the Wisconsin Flag, depicts the year when Wisconsin gained official admission to the Union. Floating above the shield is the state motto, “Forward” written on a white ribbon. Right under this is the badger or the state animal. The center of the shield expresses the connection of Wisconsin with the US and also bears the national motto, “E Pluribus Unum” meaning “from many, one.” This implies that the USA was a formed by the combination of several states. On either side of the shield is a sailor and a miner, who are representatives of those who toil at the sea and on land.

Lying at their feet is a huge cornucopia laden with vegetables and fruits, symbolizing the prosperity and bounty of the state. Beside it is a lead pyramid comprising 13 ingots, which hints at the original 13 colonies of the Union. Lead symbolizes the mineral richness of Wisconsin. The shield is equally divided into 4 parts, each representing Wisconsin’s chief industries. Thus the shovel and the pick stand for mining, the plow stands for agriculture, the hammer and arm represents manufacturing and lastly the anchor stands for seafaring.

The Wisconsin Flag is really a meaningful and colorful state symbol that speaks a lot about the state.

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