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Montana Topographic Maps

by poonam bisht

Montana is in the Western USA. Map shows the trends in the elevation of the state which also affects it's climate.

Montana Topographic Maps

The Montana Topographic Map clearly defines the undulating landscape of the state. The State of Montana is placed at an altitude of 3,400 feet. The Rocky Mountains lie in the western part of the state. The eastern and central region of Montana comprises the Great Plains, while the Bitterroot Range lies beside the Idaho border of the state.

Situated at a height of 12,799 feet, in the south-central part of Montana, beside the border of Wyoming, the Granite peak is the highest point of the state. The lowest point of the state is the Kootenai River, which is situated in the northwestern part of Montana at 1,800 feet above the sea level. The Continental Divide crosses through the western region of Montana from Lewis to the ranges of Bitterroot. Several rivers and lakes drain the State of Montana. Some of the well known rivers of Montana are the Missouri River, Yellowstone River and Clark Fork River. The Fort Peck and Flathead are few of the prominent lakes of the state. The biggest inland water body of Montana, the Ft. Peck Reservoir encompasses an area of 375 square miles. The heterogeneous topography of the state is prominently marked in the Montana State Map.

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