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Louisiana State Profile

by Vishul Malik

Where is Louisiana ? Louisiana is a state situated in the western south-central United States. It is bordered on the north by Arkansas, on the east by Mississippi, on the…

Where is Louisiana ?

Louisiana is a state situated in the western south-central United States. It is bordered on the north by Arkansas, on the east by Mississippi, on the south by the Gulf of Mexico, and on the west by Texas.

What is the capital of Louisiana ?

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana. It is the second-largest city in the state. The city is well known as a major industrial, petrochemical, medical, and research center of the American South.

What is the largest city in Louisiana ?

The largest city in Louisiana is New Orleans, covering a total area of 350.2 square miles. It is named after Philippe d’Orleans, Duke of Orleans, Regent of France. The city is famous for its French Creole architecture, cuisine, and the annual celebrations and festivals.

How big is Louisiana ?

With an area of 51,843 square miles, Louisiana is the thirty-first largest state in the United States. According to the 2010 US Census Bureau, the state has an estimated population of 4,533,372.

Who are the political leaders of Louisiana ?

Governor: Bobby Jindal
Lieutenant Governor: Jay Dardenne

When did Louisiana achieve statehood?

 Louisiana was a French crown colony in 1731. After the French and Indian Wars, it was ceded to Spain in 1763. But it again became a part of France in 1800 and was sold to the United States by Napoleon in 1803. The southern part, known as the territory of Orleans, became the state of Louisiana. It was admitted to the Union as the eighteenth US state on April 30, 1812.

What is the economy of Louisiana like ?

Agriculture, manufacturing, and service industries generate the maximum revenue in Louisiana. The principal agricultural products in the state include seafood, soybeans, cotton, sugarcane, cattle, poultry and eggs and other dairy products. Louisiana had the twenty-fourth highest GSP in the nation in 2010 ($213.6 billion); its per capita personal income is estimated at $30,952.Chemical products, petroleum and coal products, processed foods, transportation equipment, and paper products constitute the major industries. Tourism is also an important part of the state’s economy.

What is the nickname of Louisiana ?

Louisiana is nicknamed “The Pelican State.” The name refers to the brown pelican, the state bird.

What is the official language of Louisiana ?

English is the official language of Louisiana, spoken by ninety percent of the population. French, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish are some of the minority languages spoken. Currently English and French are the “de facto administrative languages” of the Louisiana State Government.

What are the religions practiced in Louisiana?

 Christianity is the official religion of Louisiana. The largest denominations include Roman Catholic Church, Southern Baptist Convention, and the United Methodist Church. Islam, Buddhism and Judaism are some of the other religions practiced.

What are the state symbols of Louisiana ?

  • State Tree : The bald cypress was designated the official state tree of Louisiana in 1963. It is deciduous and is found in swampy areas.
  • State Flower : The magnolia blossom (Magnolia grandiflora) is the official state flower of Louisiana. It was adopted as the state flower in 1900. It is a hardwood tree that has large, fragrant white flowers and leathery evergreen leaves.
  • State Bird : The brown pelican is the official state bird of Louisiana. It was adopted as the state bird in 1966. The state is nicknamed “The Pelican State” after the brown pelican. It is also found on the state seal.
  • State Flag : The state flag of Louisiana was adopted in 1912. The flag has a blue background (symbolizing truth) displaying a white pelican feeding its chicks in a nest. The pelican stands for the state protecting the people and their land. There is a white ribbon below reading the motto of the state “Union, Justice, and Confidence.”

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