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Baton Rouge Map

by Vishul Malik

Baton Rouge City Facts Country USA (United States of America) State Louisiana Counties East Baton Rouge County Total Area 79.1 sq miles Lat Long Coordinates 30.4581° N, 91.1402° W Time…

Baton Rouge Map

Baton Rouge City Facts

Country USA (United States of America)
State Louisiana
Counties East Baton Rouge County
Total Area 79.1 sq miles
Lat Long Coordinates 30.4581° N, 91.1402° W
Time Zone CST (UTC−06:00)
Area Code 225
Language English
Major Religion Roman Catholic, Christian
Museums Old Arsenal Museum, LSU Rural Life Museum, Louisiana State Museum Baton Rouge
Universities Louisiana State University
Official Website



  • Ryan Airport
  • Downtown Airport

Tourist attractions:

  • LSU Tiger Stadium
  • USS Kidd
  • Shaw Center for the Arts
  • Poche Plantation
  • Jack & Priscilla Andonie Museum
  • Casino Rouge
  • Baton Rouge Little Theater

Baton Rouge is the capital and the largest city of Louisiana, a U.S state. It is the second largest city in Louisiana. The English translation of ‘Baton Rouge’ is “Red Stick”. Like other capital cities, its region is called the “Capital Area.” Being the parish seat of East Baton Rouge Parish, the city is the second largest metropolitan area in the state.

The city is home to many universities like Louisiana State University and Southern University. The effect of hurricane Katrina that raged through the area in 2005 declined the population rate of New Orleans, making Baton Rouge, the largest city in Louisiana. The city has proven to be one of the fastest growing cities in the South in terms of technology. Rated as one of the largest mid-sized business cities, it is also one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas.


Some of the best hotels are :

  • Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center
  • Fairfield Inn
  • SpringHill Suites
  • Homewood Suites
  • Cook Conference Center at LSU
  • Residence Inn Baton Rouge Siegen Lane
  • Courtyard Baton Rouge Siegen Lane
  • Comfort Suites
  • Best Western Richmond Suites


Some of the famous restaurants at Baton Rouge with mouth watering dishes include:

  • Albasha Greek & Lebanese
  • Mike Anderson’s Seafood Restaurant
  • DI Giulio Brothers
  • George’s – Original on Perkins Road
  • Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro


Having one of the nation’s largest deep-water ports that are able to handle both ocean-going vessels and river barges, Baton Rouge develops into large industrial and chemical complexes in addition to agricultural enhancement. Forest and agricultural products, steel and pipe, ores, coal and petroleum products are the main cargoes shipped through the port. The natural resources basin that exists in the city helps the industries to access the natural resources such as gas, oil, water, timberland, sulphur, salt and other raw materials. Travel industry also contributes much to the economy of the city besides finance, insurance and health care. Petrochemicals, rubber, plastic, wood, paper products, food, concrete and scientific instruments are the notable productions in the city.

Places to Visit:

As a city with a number of tourist attractive sites, a visit to Louisiana gives pleasure to its visitors. Alex Box Stadium – Baseball stadium for LSU, Baton Rouge River Center – Entertainment complex, Baton Rouge Zoo with over 1,800 animals, Blue Bayou Waterpark, Dixie with over 20 water rides, Landin’ Amusement Park are some places where people can enjoy themselves with their children. The Capitol Lakes and Huey Long Field House, which has a large swimming pool, helps people to chill and refresh themselves in summer. The Independence Park Botanic Gardens – that contain rose garden, crape myrtle garden, sensory garden, children’s forest and Louisiana Iris garden gives a feast for the eyes. Louisiana Arts and Science Museum that contains art and science galleries, Louisiana Museum of Natural History that focuses on Textile and Natural Science and Louisiana State Capitol the tallest state capitol building in the United States are other points of interest that entice the tourists.

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