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Russian Flag

by Aakash Singha

Russian flag- Get important facts like Colors significance of the flag, Flag Ratio, official name, National Anthem of Russia & much more.

Russia Flag


Blank Russian Flag

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Russian Federation Flag Description

The Russian Federation flag has the Pan-Slavic colors of red, blue, and white. There was no universally accepted flag for

Russian Federation until the middle of the 17th century. There is no official meaning assigned to the colors by the Russian government.

According to one theory, the colors came from the Grand Duchy of Moscow and depict Saint George in silver armor, on a white horse, wearing a blue cap on a red field. Another theory states white symbolizes God, blue for Tsar, and red for peasants. Another theory states white stands for a bright future, blue for the clouded present, and red for the bloody past.

Official Name: Rossiiskaya Federatisiya
Capital: Moscow
Location of Russia: From the far north to the Black Sea in the south and from the far east to Kaliningrad in the west.
Area: 17, 075, 200 Sq. km
Official Languages: Russian
National Flag: 3 horizontal stripes of white blue and red.
Flag Ratio: 2:3
National Anthem: Gimn Rossiyskaya Federatsiya Hymn od the Russian Federation (2001)
National symbol(s): bear, double-headed eagle
National colors: white, blue, red
National anthem:
Name: “Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii” (National Anthem of the Russian Federation)
Lyrics/Music: Sergey Vladimirovich MIKHALKOV/Aleksandr Vasilyevich ALEKSANDROV

Fact about the Russian Federation flag

Country Russian Federation
Designed by NA
Adopted 11 December 1993 (originally de jure from 11 May (29 April O.S.) 1696, de facto since around 1700 for vessels and 1883 for land use)
Revision NA
Design and Colors A horizontal tricolor of white, blue and red
Size Ratio 2:3

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