Rennsteig, Germany

Rennsteig is famous for its approximately 1,300 historic boundary stones, that identifies the beginning of a land or its boundary.

Rennsteig is located between the Thuringian Forest and the Thuringian Slate Mountains. This region is a favorite spot of the hikers.

The beauty of the region will keep oneself spellbound with awe. The romanticism of the place can be felt in the air.

The Annual Rennsteig races are an added attraction of the region of Rennsteig. Large scale preparations are made before this competition actually takes place. There is a cycling trail running parallel to the Rennsteig trail. One can also see the nature from its closest from this place. There are also trails for the enthusiastic mountain bikers. The highest points of the Rennsteig region are the Mount Schneekopf and Mount Beerberg.

The local people are also very simple in this region. Their warm welcome is sure to please the tourists. Rennsteig of Germany is a very popular spot with the nature lovers. Smoked Thuringian blood sausage or fresh roast meat, Thuringian dumplings and Thuringian bratwurst are some of the specialties of the region. One can also set for long walks along the natural tracks of the place.

The numerous castles, towns, natural beauty together with a pleasurable climate of Rennsteig make this place an important spot for vacationing in Germany (German: Deutschlandkarte).

Last Updated on: November 22nd, 2017