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Eritrea Population

by Vishal Kumar

Eritrea's Population as per the latest study counts to 60.8 lakhs (2020) and the population growth rate is at an average of 2.57%. The people speak different languages of which the Tigrigna and Arabic languages are the working languages of Eritrea.

The Eritrea Population is an important issue as the demographical study of Eritrea helps in the analysis of the progress and status of a nation. The population study not only means counting the number of heads but also deciding upon the progress of various sub-sects of the population such as the male to female ratio, the religious minorities, the linguistic distribution of the people, and the like.

The people of Eritrea speak different languages depending on the tribal group they belong to. The languages spoken by the Eritrea people include Tigrigna and Arabic in chief. These two languages are considered the working languages of Eritrea. This apart a considerable number of people speak the native Eritrea languages of Tigre, Saho, Afar, Bega, Nara, Bilen, and Kunama. As a result of the long hold of Eritrea by the Italian and British colonialists, these languages are well understood by a lot of people.

The present Eritrea population is around 60.8 lakhs (2020), with a growth of about 2.57 % every year. The birth rate in Eritrea counts 39.03 births every 1000 heads and 13.36 deaths every 1000 deaths. The infant mortality rate is 75.59 deaths every 1000 heads with 6.794 % deaths in the case of male children and 8.303 % deaths for female children.

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