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Eritrea Education

Eritrea Education system can be categorized in two ways, primary education and secondary education. Children are sent to schools at the age of five. Initially education is imparted only through interaction and observation of the social behavior of the pupil.

Primary education in Eritrea includes 5 years of elementary school and 2 years of middle school. At the age of 6, children can enroll themselves for elementary education. Children are taught in their mother tongue language during this period. In the middle school the children are taught different subjects like English, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geography, history and civics, music and dance. In this level, English is used as a medium of instruction.

All the students are required to qualify in the 7th grade national examination to enter into the secondary school level. Secondary schools are of two types, Commerce and science. At the end of the fourth year the students are required to sit for the Eritrean school leaving certificate examination.

Students above 18 years of age need to participate in the summer work programs that are organized on an annual basis. These programs engage the students in different activities like construction of roads, maintenance and production of school furniture and operation of cables.

Eritrea Education aims at providing equal opportunities to one and all.

Colleges & University in Eritrea
Colleges & university in Eritrea play vital role in educational system of Eritrea. There are many colleges and universities in Eritrea. Most of them are highly reputed for their efficient operation. The course of study offered by these institutions are highly relevant and they prepare the students for their future professional career.

It is said that in the country of Eritrea the educational systems are very organized and the colleges and universities contribute in this field. In those academies undergraduate, graduate programs are being held. Beside degrees, Diplomas are also offered. For higher education, the residents of the country enroll their names to the colleges & university in Eritrea.

The universities of Eritrea are quite popular for providing a wide range of postgraduate programs. In the capital city of Asmara there is a university along with a number of good colleges. Some of the most-known colleges of Eritrea are mentioned below:
  • College of Agriculture, Hamelmalo
  • College of Agriculture, Halhale
  • College of Marine Sciences and Technology, Massawa
  • College of Nursing and Health Technology, Asmara
  • Orota School of Medicine, Asmara
  • College of Arts and Social Sciences, Adi Keyih
  • College of Business and Economics, Massawa
  • All those above-mentioned colleges really deserve appreciation for offering variety of courses.
Asmara University
University of Asmara is one of the most important educational institutes of the country of Eritrea. Asmara University is probably the first university of Eritrea. It is situated in the Eritrean capital city of Asmara. Piae Madres Nigritiae is the founder of this reputed educational institute. The school is mainly dedicated to the business and economics, law, arts, sciences and engineering related programs. In 1958Asmara University was founded and in 1964 the university was renamed. During this time Associate Diploma programs in the Commerce, Arts and the Sciences are started.

This renowned institute was associated with the National Education program and is taking necessary steps to offer more instructors for the secondary school system of Eritrea. The institute is also attached with several international academies in order to offer relevant courses in education, archeology, engineering, natural Sciences and agriculture.

As the days passing by along with the courses number of staffs is also increasing in order to handle the enhanced student rush. The language of instruction of this institute is English.

The chemistry department of this University of Asmara is really good. It provides four-year of Bachelor of Science program, Chemistry. Here the pupils get to know about fundamental principles and disciplines of Chemical Sciences. In reality this department prepare its student according to the project requirements.

Eritrea Institute of Technology
Eritrea Institute of Technology is one of the major educational academies of the country. It is situated on Mai Nefhi dam that is approximately 20 km away from the southwestern part of Asmara. Presently this institute comprises four colleges. They are as follows:
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Science
  • Education
However, beside these colleges, Eritrea Institute of Technology has lot more to offer to the students. The primary focus of the institution is to expand the post secondary education among the Eritreans. Initially, during the academic year of 2003-2004, Eritrea Institute of Technology started with only 5,500 students (approximate) and still it is undergoing major construction.

With the passage of time this institute is acquiring a huge recognition for its good number of facilities. Borrowing books on the semester basis is one of them. Here the students, unable to buy textbooks of their own are privileged enough to borrow their books on the basis of semester. The Bookstore of the University has a very good collection of textbooks, from where pupils can borrow books according to their needs.

The professors associated with this educational association are highly educated and are very efficient. They are helpful enough to guide the students of Eritrean institute of technology. Schools in Eritrea
Schools in Eritrea play a crucial role in the field of Eritrean education. It is said that in Eritrea educational policies are highly organized and the schools play vital role to maintain the quality of these educational systems. In Eritrea the government also gives a lot of financial aid to the institutions and academies.

The courses that are followed in the Eritrean schools are quite relevant and help the students to learn a lot of important things. It is said that ten years after Eritrea got its independence the schools and colleges enjoyed heavy investment. Gradually the enrollment in the school level also started growing. At the elementary and middle levels School enrollment approximately enhanced by 270%, whereas, at the high school level the enrollment hike was around 185%.

Schools in Eritrea follow a certain procedure to teach the students of Eritrea. At the age of five the education begins with two years of behavioral, interaction and adjustment training. After this at the age of seven five years of elementary school training starts. This level follows until grade five. Here the children get to know about the reading and writing style.

During this period, children also learn about geography, history, mathematics, biography, music, sports and arts.

Thereafter, two years of middle school training are arranged. In this stage, the course gets complicated and the above-mentioned subjects are taught in a more detailed manner. Finally, comes the four-years course of secondary school level, where the subjects include:
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Civics
  • Biologics
  • History
  • Geography
There are numerous schools in Eritrea that are running their operation with great efficiency.

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