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Asmara Eritrea Map

by Vishal Kumar

The Map shows major landmarks, tourist places, roads, rails, airports, hotels, restaurants, museums, educational institutes, etc.

Asmara is the capital city of Eritrea. It is situated on the eastern boundary of the Eritrean plateau. The city got its name from Arbaete Asmara, which literally means, “the four are united”. The city has great climatic conditions. It has clean streets and beautiful palm trees lining the sides. The city can be termed as one of the safest places in Africa for tourists.

History of Asmara :

The origin of the city of Asmara dates back to some 700 years. It is said that Menelik I, son of Solomon and Queen of Sheba was born in this place. Governor Martini declared Asmara the capital city in the year 1897. The city exhibits colonial influence in its architecture, traditions, and infrastructure.

Hotels in Asmara :

There are various categories of hotels in Asmara that provide comfort and conveniences to tourists. To name a few are Africa Pension, Inter-Continental Hotel, and Albergo Italia. These hotels are well furnished and decorated. They provide the guests with all amenities and comfort to make their stay a memorable one.

Attractions at Asmara :

  • Cathedral of Asmara
  • Synagogue of Asmara
  • National Museum Asmara
  • Nda Mariam Orthodox Church
  • Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque

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