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Eritrea Travel Guide

Tourists planning Eritrea Travel must collect the necessary information. They can consult with authentic Eritrea travel guides. It is better not to visit Eritrea during the months of heavy rainfall that extend from the months of June to August. There are certain official formalities that should be taken care of before arranging a travel to Eritrea, an eastern country of Africa.

Tourists are required to possess a visa and passport to visit Eritrea. They even need an exit visa. After reaching the airport of Asmara, tourists are required to fill up immigration cards.

While reaching Eritrea, tourists can avail accommodation in the Eritrea hotels. The hotels in Eritrea offer various facilities to the guests. The room charges vary from hotel to hotel according to the amenities provided. Tourists can reach Eritrea by airplanes. The airport of Eritrea is located in Asmara.

Tourists planning Eritrea travel cannot afford to miss out any of the cities of the country. These cities have many tourist attractions. Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea has many tourist spots to offer the travelers. In this city there are a number of cathedrals, churches and mosques.

Tourists can arrange tours in Eritrea. They can travel within the country by availing bus services and railway services.

Eritrea Tours
Eritrea Tours and excursions have a charm and attraction of its own. The beautiful country of Eritrea is located on a mountainous plateau in Africa covering an area of 125,000 km².

On arriving at Asmara International airport tourists are guided to different hotels in Eritrea. The hotels provide different facilities to the guests for making their stay comfortable. Some of the hotels in Eritrea are the Embasoira hotel, Intercontinental hotel, Sunshine hotel and Crystal hotel.

Asmara, Assab, Keren, Barentu, Massawa, Zula and Senafe are some of the important cities in Eritrea. In Asmara one can visit the Cathedral, Greek Church, National Museum, Saint Mary Coptic Church and Synagogues. A short trip to the Debra sina monastery in Keren can be arranged from Asmara.

From Asmara one can drive down to Keren and enjoy the traditional dance in the village of Hagaz. Keren has plenty of lively and colorful markets. Some of the important places of attraction in Keren are the Santuary of Marium Dearit, Tigu Egyptian fort and Grand mosque.

The tourists can cruise to Grrren Island to enjoy the bright sun and sunbathe in the white sandy beach. Sports activities such as swimming, snorkeling and kayaking can be enjoyed during Eritrea tours.

If one is planning to travel to Eritrea this holiday, the months of June to August should be avoided, as during this time the country experiences heavy rainfall. Tourists should apply for a visa and a passport before visiting Eritrea. Even people of Eritrean origin require a valid visa and a passport while visiting the country. Before visiting the country, tourists should also take care of the travel insurances.

Tourists planning a tour to Eritrea can check out from Eritrea travel guide the timings of the airplanes to Eritrea. The airport in Eritrea is located in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. In the country, railways and roadways are the modes of public transport that tourists can avail to travel to different parts of the country. Domestic flights in Eritrea, fly from the airport of Asmara.

Measures have been undertaken to develop the communication in Eritrea. The use of computers, Internet and telephone as well as mobile services are expected to rise in the future years. The number of televisions and radios are also expected to rise in the common households in the country.

Eritrea Culture Tours
Eritrea Culture Tours provide the tourists with information on different cultural activities practiced and held in Eritrea. These include different festivals, foods, fairs, languages, religious sites, theater, music and dance of that place.

During the cultural tours in Eritrea the tourist will come across nine cinema halls showing Italian, Indian and English movies. Some of these movie houses reflect great Italian architecture.

Since olden times, there have been no theatre or drama organized in Eritrea but during the recent times theatre has gained some importance. The main theme portrayed through these dramas is the political unrest that took place during the war with Ethiopia. Asmara theatre or Opera house is famous in Eritrea.

The tourists can enjoy the different festivals and participate in their celebrations during their cultural trip to Eritrea. Asmaro expo is organized during July's last week where the people can take part in the Eritrea festival that last for ten long days. People are seen dancing and singing and enjoying the festival to the fullest. The people of Eritrea celebrate their liberation on May 24th with great pomp and show.

Asmara, the capital of Eritrea is widely known for its rich cultural heritage. Both Christian and Muslims live peacefully in the city. The religious sites like Nda Mariam Coptic Cathedral, Catholic cathedral and the Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque are the most visited religious sites during Eritrea Culture Tours.

Eritrea Visas and Immigration
Tourists have to take care of Eritrea visas and immigration policies while visiting the country in East Africa. It is mandatory for tourists coming to Eritrea to hold a visa and a passport. Even children who are Eritrean but not born in this country require a valid visa. Only people of Uganda and Kenya do not require any entry visa.

Residents of other countries willing to visit Eritrea are required to possess visa and passport before reaching the country. There are certain exemptions in case of citizens carrying U.S. visa and a passport. Exit visas are not issued for them until and unless they stay back after expiry of their visas. People breaking the law by staying back in the country are either imprisoned or fined.

If persons of Eritrean origin who are residing in some other countries wish to visit Eritrea, they are required to follow certain formalities. They have to register their names at the Immigration and Nationality Office in Eritrea, located in the capital city of Asmara. Within a period of 7 working days of their arrival in the country, they have to register with the office. One is required to fill up an immigration card in Eritrea in the Asmara airport.

Information related to Eritrea visas and immigration can be obtained from the consulates or embassies of Eritrea. Tourists can also collect adequate information from Eritrea travel guide.

  Famous Cities to Visit in Eritrea  
City NamePopulationCity NamePopulation
Keren74800Adi Keyh13061

  Tourist Attractions in Eritrea  
National Museum of Eritrea Dahlak Islands
Kidane Mihret Church Gulf Of Zula
Opera House EritreaDebre Bizen Monastery
Fiat Tagliero BuildingAdulis Port
Enda Mariam Orthodox Cathedral

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