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Eritrea Hotels

by Vishal Kumar

Eritrea Hotels provides affordable rates for staying accommodations for tourists visiting Eritrea via different hotels in Eritrea.

Tourists visiting Eritrea on a tour may avail of accommodation in the Eritrea hotels.

The hotels in Eritrea offer the best of services at affordable rates. The atmosphere of the hotels in Eritrea is very welcoming. The hotel staff is well trained and they take care of the need of their guests.

The rooms available in the Eritrea hotels are well furnished and they are equipped with modern-day facilities. The tourists can choose from a number of packages offered by the hotel authorities. The rates of the rooms vary from hotel to hotel depending on the hotel amenities. The hotel charges include both service tax and sale tax of 10% each. Some hotels accept credit cards.


Facilities Offered by Eritrea Hotels


  • 24-hour room service
  • Telephone connection
  • Television with satellite channels
  • Internet connection
  • Tea and coffee maker
  • Mini bar
  • Laundry service
  • Attach bath
  • Car parking
  • Health center

Tourists taking accommodation in Eritrea hotels can dine in the restaurants maintained by the hotels. Some of the hotels have bars and coffee shops, where guests can spend some quality time. Some of the hotels in Eritrea organize live performances and discos for the entertainment of the guests. While on a stay in the hotels, tourists can go out to visit the tourist spots.

Albergo Italia

Hotel Albergo Italia is situated in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. This hotel was constructed in the year 1899. Among the Eritrea hotels, Albergo Italia is considered to be one of the oldest hotels. After renovation, the hotel once more started catering its services to guests in 2005.

Albergo Italia hotel in Asmara is also known as Keren Hotel. The hotel building is a magnificent structure where tourists are offered warm hospitality while on an Eritrea travel. The hotel staff is very helpful and they take care of the requirements of the guests. The room charges in Albergo Italia range from 80 to 180 U.S Dollars. These charges include a ten percent service and sales tax. Type of Rooms in Albergo Italia:

  • Deluxe Rooms
  • Duplex Suites
  • Suite Rosso

Room Facilities in Albergo Italia:

  • 24-hour room service
  • Telephone connection
  • Internet connection
  • Television
  • Mini Bar

The hotel rooms in Albergo Italia in Asmara are well equipped and very well furnished. The hotel authority takes care of the comfort factor of their guests. The touch of elegance can be experienced while on a stay in Albergo Italia Hotel in Asmara.

Hotel Albergo Italia can be contacted at:

P.O. Box 181
13 Nakfa Avenue, Asmara Eritrea
Fax: +291 1 126993

InterContinental Hotel Asmara

InterContinental Hotel Asmara is a popular name among Eritrea hotels. Tourists prefer this hotel due to its convenient location. The hotel is located within close proximity to the airport of Asmara. The location is only a 5 minutes drive from the main city of Asmara. This hotel will be an ideal place to spend an elegant holiday in Eritrea.

Room Facilities in InterContinental Hotel Asmara:

  • 24-hour room service
  • Attach bath
  • Television with satellite channels
  • Music system
  • Telephone
  • Internet connection
  • Tea and coffee maker
  • Mini bar

The rooms in InterContinental Hotel Asmara are well furnished. Tourists on Eritrea travel can choose to book from suites, guest rooms, and executive rooms available in the hotel. Payment to the hotel authority can be made through credit cards. The reception desk of the hotel is very helpful.

Guests residing in InterContinental Hotel Asmara can enjoy dining in the multi-cuisine restaurants of the hotel. The well-trained chefs of these restaurants serve delicious Italian dishes to their guests. Tourists can spend a nice time in the coffee shop that offers Italian coffee and tasty snacks. Guests while on their stay in InterContinental Hotel Asmara can have a gala time in the pub maintained by the hotel. It arranges live performances and discos for the entertainment of the guests.

Other Facilities in InterContinental Hotel Asmara

  • Parking facilities
  • Travel desk
  • Laundry facilities
  • Ambassoira Hotel

Ambassoira Hotel is situated in Asmara city, the capital of Eritrea. Tourists coming from abroad can seek accommodation in Ambassoira Hotel. The hotel staff is very cordial and they serve their guests with quality service.

While on Eritrea travel, tourists can visit the tourist destinations in and around Asmara city by staying in the Ambassoira Hotel. Here hotel rooms are available at a very reasonable rate. Thus by saving more on hotel accommodation, tourists can spend on shopping and sightseeing.

Single rooms in Ambassoira Hotel can be availed at rates ranging from 25 to 48 U.S. Dollars. This hotel can be an ideal place to take accommodation when one is on a short trip to Eritrea or traveling for business purposes. Some of the facilities available in Ambassoira Hotel in Asmara are:

  • 24-hour room service
  • Laundry service
  • Money Exchange
  • Shopping facilities

Among Eritrea hotels, Ambassoira Hotel is a popular name. Tourists staying in this hotel can dine in the hotel restaurant. There is a bar in the hotel that serves different drinks to guests.

For any information related to hotel booking in Eritrea, Ambassoira Hotel can be contacted at Hailu Kebede Street, Asmara.

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