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Eritrea Attractions

by Vishal Kumar

These include National Museum Asmara, Nda Mariam Orthodox Church, Zoo, National Parks, mosques, and many famous travel destinations in Eritrea.

There are numerous exciting Eritrea attractions. Tourists are drawn to these places of interest in Eritrea. Before visiting this East

In the African country, some necessary information must be collected regarding Eritrea travel. This information can be obtained from authentic Eritrea travel guides. Tourists can get in touch with tour operators for the same.

Tourists can visit the religious places located in the country. The people of the country follow Islam and Christianity. The peaceful coexistence of religious places like mosques, churches, and cathedrals reflect the unity among people of a different religion. The architecture of the mosques and the churches is fascinating. One can also visit the synagogue of the Jews in Eritrea.

There are many memorials and monuments located in the country. Tourists can also take time out to visit the national parks in Eritrea. In the Dahlak Islands, tourists will love to see the different species of sea animals. After checking out the tourist destinations in Eritrea, tourists will love to visit the market places in Eritrea. They can also go to opera and theaters. Tourists can take accommodation in the Eritrea hotels and plan trips to the Eritrea attractions.

National Museum Asmara

National Museum Asmara is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. The National Museum Asmara is located in close proximity to the Selam Hotel. Asmara has a long and interesting historical background not only in the recent context but also in the ancient context. The recent history of Asmara dates back to the period of Italian rule from the late 19th century, followed by the era of British imperialism. When the British left, Eritrea was divided between Sudan and Ethiopia. The final war with Ethiopia for independence concluded a little over a decade ago. All these years of struggle have given the nation a unique identity, the gist of which is neatly synchronized in the National Museum of Asmara. Among other kinds of exhibits in the National Museum Asmara, the tombstones from Dalak islands, findings from Adulis, and Sabean material and scrolls in Ge’ez are the chief attractions. The National Museum Asmara is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Transportation services in Asmara include regular bus services. Also, cars can be rented for an entire day to visit all places of tourist interest. The City Tour Guide has tied up in special partnership with the car rental companies such as the Africa Rent Car and Fontana Rent Car companies to offer the clients chauffeurs who are experts in guiding tourists around the city. Other than the National Museum Asmara, there are also a number of Monuments and religious places.

Nda Mariam Orthodox Church

Nda Mariam Orthodox Church is located in the city of Asmara the capital city of Eritrea. This is the most important among all the cities in Eritrea. The transportation services in the city are the best in Eritrea and can be also accessible by air transport. The Nda Mariam Orthodox is differently known as Enda Mariam Orthodox Church, the Qdist Mariam Church, St. Mary’s Cathedral at Asmara, or the Cathedrale Ortodossa di Nda Mariam. The most popular religions in Eritrea are Islam and the Lutheran Protestant Christian sect, the Roman Catholics, as well as the Orthodox Church, are the chief religious cults followed by Eritrean citizens. The Nda Mariam Orthodox Church, as the name goes is the church of the Orthodox Christian community.

This beautiful Enda Mariam Orthodox Church is located in the center of Asmara city and its architecture is such that the four corners of this edifice point to the four directions of the city. It was built between 1938 and 1939. There are four gates in all four directions, which are opened for worshipers. Though a Christian religious place, it also comprises a major tourist interest in Eritrea. The other supplementary attraction of the Nda Mariam Orthodox Church is the Berberstelim tree. The leaves of this tree are believed to have amazing preserving quality and were previously used by priests for preserving dead bodies for years.

National Parks of Eritrea

The national parks of Eritrea are some of the best places for indulging in the natural beauty of Africa. The Dahlak Marine National Park and the Semenawi Bahri National Park are the two declared national parks and apart there are three reserved forest areas in Eritrea. These are Yob, Gash-Setit, and the Nafka. The flora and fauna in the reserve forests of Eritrea are worth the journey but certain formalities need to be observed.

The Dahlak Marine National Park

This marine park is located in the water body adjoining the Dahlak Marine archipelago. This area had been abandoned during the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict. During this time, the marine life in the region had prospered undisturbed, as fishing was not allowed. Realizing the tourist prospect in the region, the Eritrea government declared the region a national park. Scuba diving is a daily activity in the area and is conducted by a trained group of divers who were previously freedom fighters. There are more than 350 varieties of fish and divers can even catch a glimpse of wrecked ships in the waters. Entry to the area is allowed with permission under special supervision.

The Semenawi National Park

This park is located at the foothills of a mountain range in Eritrea, the average height of which varies from 900 meters to 2400 meters. Leopards, klipspringers, bushbucks, warthog, and greater kudum duiker are the common animals inhabiting this national park. There are also a large number of birds in the region. The national parks of Eritrea have been attracting a large number of tourists ever since they were opened up to the public after the conclusion of the war.

Massawa Islands

The Massawa Islands include the two islands of Taulud and Massawa as well as another main island, which houses several residential buildings. These islands are popular tourist attractions in Eritrea, the uniquely designed buildings being the focus of all attractions. The buildings either belong to the Ottoman-style architecture or the coral block buildings. Significantly, coral used to be a major material for building houses. Besides this, there are several covered markets in the Massawa islands where you can hang around to pick on souvenirs and daily needs. The island houses enough hotels to serve the demand of visitors. The recommended hotels in Massawa include such names as the Central Hotel, the Luna Hotel, the Red Sea Hotel, and the most luxurious of them all, the Dahlak Hotel. The Saint Mary’s Church in Massawa is among the best in Massawa Island proper is a beautiful church, which is visited by hundreds of worshippers and visitors.

Dahlak Islands

Tourists on an Eritrea travel should not miss out to visit the Eritrea cities. Dahlak Islands in Eritrea is known as an ideal location for adventure sports. In the archipelago of two hundred or more islands, people inhabit 4 of the islands. The population of Dahlak is 2,500. The residents of the Dahlak Islands earn their living by animal husbandry and fishing. The lifestyles of these inhabitants are very simple. Tourists in Dahlak Islands will get to see the mangrove trees and coral reefs submerged in coastal waters. Travelers can reach these islands from Massawa. They can consult the Eritrea travel guide before visiting the country. The favorite tourist destination in Dahlak Islands is Dekemhare.

In Dahlak Islands, tourists will love to spend time fishing or go for a sail in the blue waters. These islands are ideal locations for scuba diving. On these islands, tourists will get to see the varied marine species like sharks, dolphins, turtles, and varied species of sea fishes.

But before coming to Eritrea cities, tourists should follow the necessary formalities of visiting a country. Tourists coming from outside Eritrea require visas and passports. They also have to follow certain immigration policies set up by the Government of Eritrea.

Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque

Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque is one of the major tourist attractions and religious places in the city of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. The Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque is located on the Peace Street of Asmara in close proximity to the covered markets. The palatial mosque was built some sixty-nine years ago in the year 1938. The building structure is majestic and though most of the daily visitors are worshipers, there are also a large number of tourists. The religions in Eritrea are very important and in recent times much has been said and done in the religious context. A large number of Eritreans are followers of Islam. There are also a significant number of Christians, who belong to the Roman Catholic sect, the Lutheran Christian sect, and the Orthodox Christian sect.

The visitors are expected to cover their heads and it is mandatory for women to be covered from head to toe if entering the mosque premises. This large mosque is capable of sheltering a large number of worshipers at a time. The maximum crowd-pulling season is the time of Islamic celebrations when worshipers from all over Asmara visit the Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque. The major Islamic celebrations in Eritrea include the Prophet’s Birthday, Eid al Fitr, and Eid al Adha.

Asmara zoo

Asmara zoo is an interesting place for fun and enjoyment in the city of Asmara. The zoo is located on the road leading to Masawa. The zoo is located at an accessible distance from different parts of Asmara. This area is known as Biet Ghiorgis. Tourists can reach the zoo by public bus on route number 1. To enter the zoo visitors have to pay 2 Nakfa, which is equivalent to 15 cents. This small zoo is a center of attraction for tourists visiting the city of Asmara. The road leading to the Asmara zoo is clean and clear. The road is surrounded by lush green trees. At the entrance of the zoo, a board with several instructions meant for visitors is visible. The animals found in the zoo are hyenas, baboons, snakes, lions, ostriches, and several colorful birds.

The zoo in Asmara is full of herbs, plants, and a variety of cactuses. The surrounding area of the zoo overlooking the valleys and gorges is a nice place for loitering and walking. There is a British Cemetery just at the entrance of the zoo. The zoo has a playground for kids as well. Asmara zoo has a nice restaurant and bar that serves a variety of foods and snacks to the guests. This food joint is a nice place to spend time with friends and relatives.

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