Zhengzhou City

Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province. Zhengzhou Henan is famous for being the home of the finest porcelain and bronze artifacts. Zhengzhou Henan is one of the eight Chinese historical cities and is an outstanding example of Chinese culture and tradition.
Administrative Divisions of Zhengzhou Henan : 
Zhengzhou Henan is the administrative center of 12 county divisions -
  • Zhongyuan District
  • Shangjie District
  • Erqi District
  • Jinshui District
  • Guancheng Hui District
  • Huiji District
  • Zhongmou County
  • Xingyang City
  • Gongyi City
  • Dengfeng City
  • Xinmi City
  • Xinzheng City

Early History of Zhengzhou Henan : 
The city of Zhengzhou Henan has been in existence since pre-historic times. The rulers of the Shang Dynasty established a capital in the area. The name Zhengzhou came to be used during the rule of the Sui Dynasty in 581 AD. The government moved to the contemporary city during Tang Dynasty.

Best time to visit Zhengzhou Henan : 
Zhengzhou Henan is an ideal all year destination because of its pleasant climate. July is the warmest month and average temperatures range from 27 o C and January is the coldest month with subzero temperatures. The seasons of autumn and spring are the best times to travel to Zhengzhou Henan .

Local Attractions in Zhengzhou Henan : 
  • Yellow River Tour of the Yellow River Scenic Area in Zhengzhou is situated on the southern bank of the Yellow River. The landscape is remarkable for its green agricultural lands, crystal waters, picturesque pavilions and elegant statuary. The area is a popular tourist draw with modern entertainment facilities.

  • Mt. Song Tour at the picturesque mountain is an interesting option for a traveler.

  • A major attraction is the Henan Museum, which is a modern museum of history. The architectural style is inspired by the Astronomical Observatory. The museum has an excellent collection of ancient Chinese artifacts.

  • Er' Qi or July 2nd Square, located in the city center is a lively commercial area in Zhengzhou . The area has many department stores and fine dining options.

  • Shang Ruins in Zhengzhou are the best preserved ruins of the early Shang Dynasty.

Transportation in Zhengzhou Henan
Rail Routes - Zhengzhou is a major railway hub located en route the Long-hai railway and the Jingguang railway. Beijing and Shanghai are very easily accessible by train. The popular tourist destination of Xi'an is also easily accessed through rail.

Air Travel Routes - Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport is conveniently located and is easily traveled from the Zhengzhou City Center. Most major Chinese and International Airlines serve the city.

Trolleybuses and Taxi Cabs – In city transportation can be done on board the quaint Zhengzhou trolleybuses which ply to and from the city center. Taxi cabs are also very easily available.