Hainan Weather

Hainan island on the southern part of China, is an island of Monsoon weather . This island, which has become a prime travel attraction in China, draws the travelers towards it mainly because of its marvelous weather all year.

Hainan Island is a Tropical island and has the tropical weather . Monsoon weather is observed in the Hainan island in China. Hainan is situated in the southern most part of China and that is why the weather here is a little different from the main land.

In Hainan , weather varies according to the variety of landscapes. In this island there are rivers and mountains and Hainan is open to the sea also. In the coastal areas the temperature remains relatively cold compared to the North and Eastern parts of Hainan. The temperature rises after February and reaches its climax during the months of July to August. In summer season the temperature remains within 20 to 27 degrees. But sometimes it can reach up to more than 30 degrees making it almost unbearable. During the winter season the temperature reading varies from ten to seventeen degrees. The coldest month in Hainan is from December to February. The general temperature in Hainan is near about ten degree Celsius. Regarding the landscapes, temperature is comparatively cold near the coastal areas. On the contrary, the Northern and the Eastern part of Hainan have high temperature.

Hainan is blessed with good amount of rainfall. As Monsoon weather prevails here, rainy season comes twice a year, during the summer and during the winter . Most of the annual rainfall Hainan gets in the summer rainy season . Rainfall depends on the landscapes also. While in the Northern and Central part rainfall is very high, the coastal area gets relatively less rainfall. The annual rainfall in the Northern and Eastern part can go up to 2000 mm. But in the coastal areas it can be as low as less the 1000 mm. The Eastern part of Hainan island has a bad reputation of being devastated by the typhoon every year as it is situated in the way by which typhoon goes by. As a result, though Hainan can be called to be blessed by nature in many ways, people of the typhoon affected area suffer very much.

On a general view, it the weather of Hainan island that attracts many travelers to spend a memorable vacation there.

Last Updated on: October 9th, 2017