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Kansas (KS) Map

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Where is Kansas?
Kansas (KS), named after the Kansas River, is in the Midwestern United States. People living in the Kansas state of USA are known as Kansans (KS). The state is the 33rd most populous state of all the 50 states in USA.
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Description about Map :- This map of Kansas depicts the state's borders with Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. It shows inter-state and state highways, railway lines and the state boundary. It also shows the capital of the state, Topeka, as well as major towns and other towns.
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The earliest inhabitants of the place were Native Americans. They were followed by European settlers. The first such settler was the Spanish Francisco Vázquez de Coronado. This was in 1541. By 1803, most of the area that is now Kansas was part of the Louisiana Purchase.

In 1854, the state was established under the Kansas-Nebraska Act and this opened the region to white communities looking to settle.In 1861, Kansas was the thirty-fourth state to achieve statehood and enter the Union as a slave-free state. The area was thenceforth looked at as Black-friendly, leading to a fair amount of migration of Black communities to the area.

Situated in the midwestern United States, the state of Kansas comprises of westward dipping sedimentary rocks. The western part of the state lies on the great central plain area of the United States. The state is also home to several rivers and tributaries, most notably, the Missouri and Kansas rivers.

The state has three distinct climates: humid sub-tropical, humid-continental and semi-arid-steppe. The northeastern portion of the state has a humid-continental climate (cold winter and hot-humid summers). The humd sub-tropcal climate is found in the south-central and southeastern portions of Kansas. The western end of Kansas has a semi-arid steppe climate.

Also known as “the sunflower state”, there is something for everyone in this place. There are plenty of things tourists can do in the state depending on their interest and inclination. The best way to travel around the place is by road, hence road trips are a good idea.

Major tourist cities are Topeka, Dodge City, Hutchinson, Kansas city, Lawrence, etc. Major tourist attractions are the Gateway Arch, Worlds of Fun, Kansas City Zoological Park, Kansas Speedway, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Midland Theatre, Sedgwick County Zoo, the Liberty Memorial, etc.

The state of Kansas has several institutions of higher learning. Some of these institutes are the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Emporia State University, Pittsburg State University, Emporia State University, and so on.

Flag of kansas
The official flag of Kansas has the background of azure that has the seal of Kansas. There is a sunflower above the seal and the word "KANSAS" below the seal.
Facts about Kansas
Joined the UnionJan 29, 1861
NicknameSunflower State
Largest CityWichita
Area82,277 sq mi
Highest PointMount Sunflower
Lowest PointVerdigris River
Time ZoneCentral: UTC−07:00
Mountain: UTC−06:00
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