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Somalia Map

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Where is Somalia ?
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Somalia officially called as Somalia Republic. It lies in Eastern part of Africa. Somalia is having the longest costline on the continent. It lies between latitudes 2°S and 12°N, and longitudes 41° and 52°E.

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Somalia Map
The national flag of Somalia was designed by Mohammed Awale Liban. Its blue in color with white color star in center. It was adopted on Oct 12, 1954.

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Somalia is located in East Africa besides the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden. The map of Somalia offers comprehensive information on the accurate geographical position of the country.

Apart from indicating the important cities, the Somalia map points out the major places of tourist interests of the country. Somalia covers total area of 637,657 sq km. According to the census statistics of July 2007, Somalia holds a multi-ethnic population of 9,118,773.

Somali is the official language of the country. Italian, English and Arabic are the other prominent languages of Somalia. Somalia is politically divided into eighteen regions for better administration.

Last Updated On : August 07, 2013

Official Name Somalia
Lat Long2.855263, 45.185852
Largest CityMogadishu
Official LanguageSomalia and Arabic
Major ReligionIslam 99.80% Other 0.20%
National day1 July (Foundation of the Republic, from Italy and the formation of Somali Republic 1960)
Form of GovernmentFederal parliamentary republic
PresidentHassan Sheikh Mohamud
Vice President
Prime MinisterAbdiweli Sheikh Ahmed
CurrencySomali shilling (SOS)
GDP$5.896 billion 2010 estimate
Calling code252
Time ZoneEAT (UTC+3)