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Map of Israel

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Where is Israel
Israel Locator
Israel, also called State of Israel, is situated in Middle East along Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, West Bank, Egypt etc. Its capital is Jerusalem.
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Description about Map :-On May 14, 1948, the State of Israel was founded by the efforts of the World Zionist Organization. Since inception Israel has been in bitter conflict with the neighboring Arab nations. The Palestinians of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have engaged in violent conflict for many decades now. Jerusalem, the capital city is itself not acknowledged to be part of Israel by many nations but is largely under Israeli occupation. The Western Wall, the Israel Museum, the Tower of David, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem are its greatest attractions. The Map of Israel also points out the Baha'i Gardens of Haifa, the Sea of Galilee, the Diamond Museum of Tel Aviv, Nazereth, the Asdod Sand Dune Park, the Dead Sea, Masada National Park, and the Shivta National Park.
Israel is located in the Middle East between the countries of Egypt and Lebanon. The Mediterranean Sea waters the Israeli coastline.
It lies precisely along the geographical coordinates of 31° 30' N latitude and 34° 45' E longitude. The country occupies a total area of 20, 770 sq km. Of this total area, the total land area comprises of about 20,330 sq km while the water bodies constitute the rest. It shares its borders with Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Gaza Strip and the West bank. Its coastline stretches up to 273 kilometers. With a large population of Jews, Israel is the only Jewish state in the world.

Capital of Israel
Though Tel Aviv is the cultural capital of Israel but Jerusalem is the national capital of Israel. Jerusalem is located on the geographical coordinates of 31° 46' North latitude and 35° 14' East longitude. The national and the international boundary are shown on the Israel Political Map by using black dotted lines.

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The Israel map projects the various topographical features of the country. Though Israel is a comparatively smaller country it displays a variety of landforms. There are several mountain ranges that are scattered across the northern part of the country. These include the Golan, Carmel and the Galilee mountain ranges. The Negev Desert lies to the south of these mountains. It also shows the major cities, sea port, airport, rivers and other alongwith the country boundary.

Border Countries
The countries bordering Israel along with their distance from Israel is as follows:
  • Gaza Strip: 51 km
  • West Bank: 307 km
  • Egypt: 266 km
  • Lebanon: 79 km
  • Jordan: 238 km
  • Syria: 76 km
Three divisions of Israel
Israel can be divided into three parts. They are:
  • Northern Israel: It comprises of Akko city and Nazareth is the capital of this part of Israel. Golan Heights lie on the northeastern part and Syria lies on the eastern side of Northern Israel.

  • Central Israel: It comprises of Netanya city. Haifa and Jerusalem is located here with its state capital being of the same names. Tel Aviv, which is the cultural capital of Israel, is located in Central Israel. West Bank is located on the eastern side of Central Israel.

  • Southern Israel: The Negev Desert is located in southern Israel. It has many important cities like Ashdod, Ashqelon, Oiryat Gat, Zefa, Dimona, Zin, Mizpe Ramon and Yotvata. Beersheba is the capital of southern Israel. Jordan lies in the eastern side of southern Israel.

Last Update On : February 22, 2013

Flag of Israel
The current official flag of Israel was adopted on October 28, 1948. The flag is of white color with 2 horizontal blue strips. The middle white part also consists of Star of David.
Lat Long31° 47' 0 N, 35° 13' 0 E
Largest CityJerusalem
Official LanguageHebrew and Arabic
Major ReligionIslam, christianity
National day14 May 1948 ( Declared), 1 May 1949 ( Recognition)
Form of GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
PresidentReuven Rivlin
Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu
GDP$288.244 billion 2014 estimate
Calling code972
Time Zone(UTC+2)