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Israel Flag

by Aakash Singha

The flag of Israel was adopted on October 28, 1948, and it consists of two blue stripes on a white background and a blue star of David in the center.

Israel Flag


Blank Israel Flag

Download Picture of Israel Flag Outline for kids to color

On the white portion of the Israel flag, there is a blue Star of David, between two horizontal blue stripes. The Star of David is composed of two crossing equal blue triangles. From Biblical times the Star of David is a common symbol of the People of Israel.

The basic design of the Israel flag remembers the Tallit, which is the Jewish prayer shawl, in white with blue colored stripes.

Official Name: Medinat Israel
Flag Proportion: 8:11
Location of Israel: On the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea Israel has a border with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.
Capital City of Israel: Jerusalem
Area: 20, 770 Sq. km.
Official Language: Hebrew Arabic
National Anthem: Hatikva The Hope (1948)
National symbol(s): Star of David (Magen David), menorah (seven-branched lampstand)
National colors: blue, white
National anthem:
Name: “Hatikvah” (The Hope)
Lyrics/Music: Naftali Herz IMBER/traditional, arranged by Samuel COHEN

Fact about the Israel flag

Country Israel
Designed by NA
Adopted 28. October 1948
Revision NA
Design and Colors A blue Star of David between two horizontal blue stripes on a white field.
Size Ratio 2:3

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