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Trier Map

Trier is the oldest city in Germany. The biggest Roman festival of Germany, Brot und Spiele, is hosted in Trier. Also the city is known as a base for the German round of the World Rally Championship since 2000.

Trier Attractions
Burg Eltz Munstermaifeld Germany
Porta Nigra Simeonstraße Trier Germany
Trierer Dom Domfreihof Trier Germany
Aula Palatina Konstantinstraße Trier Germany
Karl Marx House Johannisstraße Trier Germany
Liebfrauenkirche Liebfrauenstraße Trier Germany
Rheinisches Landesmuseum Weimarer Allee Trier Germany
St. Paulin-Kirche Thebaerstraße Trier Germany
Trier Amphitheater Trier Germany
Grain Market Am Kornmarkt 1- Trier Germany
Gangolfstraße Trier Germany
Museum am Dom Trier Bischof-Stein-Platz Trier Germany

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