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Luzerne Zip Code Map, Pennsylvania

by usavishul

Luzerne Zip Code Map features all the zip codes of Luzerne County. Find here the list of all zip codes of Luzerne County with their cities.

Luzerne Zip Code Map, Pennsylvania

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Maps of Nearby Counties

State County City Zipcode
Pennsylvania LuzerneHazleton 18201
Pennsylvania LuzerneHazleton 18202
Pennsylvania LuzerneConyngham 18219
Pennsylvania LuzerneDrifton 18221
Pennsylvania LuzerneDrums 18222
Pennsylvania LuzerneEbervale 18223
Pennsylvania LuzerneFreeland 18224
Pennsylvania LuzerneHarleigh 18225
Pennsylvania LuzerneLattimer Mines 18234
Pennsylvania LuzerneMilnesville 18239
Pennsylvania LuzerneRock Glen 18246
Pennsylvania LuzerneSaint Johns 18247
Pennsylvania LuzerneSugarloaf 18249
Pennsylvania LuzerneSybertsville 18251
Pennsylvania LuzerneWeston 18256
Pennsylvania LuzerneBeach Haven 18601
Pennsylvania LuzerneBear Creek 18602
Pennsylvania LuzerneCambra 18611
Pennsylvania LuzerneDallas 18612
Pennsylvania LuzerneGlen Lyon 18617
Pennsylvania LuzerneHarveys Lake 18618
Pennsylvania LuzerneHunlock Creek 18621
Pennsylvania LuzerneHuntington Mills 18622
Pennsylvania LuzerneLehman 18627
Pennsylvania LuzerneNanticoke 18634
Pennsylvania LuzerneNescopeck 18635
Pennsylvania LuzernePittston 18640
Pennsylvania LuzernePittston 18641
Pennsylvania LuzerneDuryea 18642
Pennsylvania LuzernePittston 18643
Pennsylvania LuzerneWyoming 18644
Pennsylvania LuzernePlymouth 18651
Pennsylvania LuzerneShawanese 18654
Pennsylvania LuzerneShickshinny 18655
Pennsylvania LuzerneSweet Valley 18656
Pennsylvania LuzerneWapwallopen 18660
Pennsylvania LuzerneWhite Haven 18661
Pennsylvania LuzerneDallas 18690
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18701
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18702
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18703
Pennsylvania LuzerneKingston 18704
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18705
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18706
Pennsylvania LuzerneMountain Top 18707
Pennsylvania LuzerneShavertown 18708
Pennsylvania LuzerneLuzerne 18709
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18710
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18711
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18762
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18764
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18765
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18766
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18767
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18769
Pennsylvania LuzerneWilkes Barre 18773

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