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Oneida Zip Code Map, New York

by usavishul

Oneida Zip Code Map features all the zip codes of Oneida County. Find here the list of all zip codes of Oneida County with their cities. To learn more about Oneida County, New York, check our Oneida County Map, New York.

Oneida Zip Code Map, New York

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Maps of Nearby Counties

State County City Zipcode
New York OneidaCleveland 13042
New York OneidaDurhamville 13054
New York OneidaNorth Bay 13123
New York OneidaSylvan Beach 13157
New York OneidaVerona Beach 13162
New York OneidaAlder Creek 13301
New York OneidaAva 13303
New York OneidaBarneveld 13304
New York OneidaBlossvale 13308
New York OneidaBoonville 13309
New York OneidaBridgewater 13313
New York OneidaCamden 13316
New York OneidaCassville 13318
New York OneidaChadwicks 13319
New York OneidaClark Mills 13321
New York OneidaClayville 13322
New York OneidaClinton 13323
New York OneidaDeansboro 13328
New York OneidaForestport 13338
New York OneidaFranklin Springs 13341
New York OneidaHinckley 13352
New York OneidaHolland Patent 13354
New York OneidaKnoxboro 13362
New York OneidaLee Center 13363
New York OneidaMc Connellsville 13401
New York OneidaMarcy 13403
New York OneidaNew Hartford 13413
New York OneidaNew York Mills 13417
New York OneidaOriskany 13424
New York OneidaOriskany Falls 13425
New York OneidaProspect 13435
New York OneidaRemsen 13438
New York OneidaRome 13440
New York OneidaRome 13441
New York OneidaRome 13442
New York OneidaRome 13449
New York OneidaSangerfield 13455
New York OneidaSauquoit 13456
New York OneidaSherrill 13461
New York OneidaStittville 13469
New York OneidaTaberg 13471
New York OneidaVernon 13476
New York OneidaVernon Center 13477
New York OneidaVerona 13478
New York OneidaWashington Mills 13479
New York OneidaWaterville 13480
New York OneidaWestdale 13483
New York OneidaWesternville 13486
New York OneidaWestmoreland 13490
New York OneidaWhitesboro 13492
New York OneidaWoodgate 13494
New York OneidaYorkville 13495
New York OneidaUtica 13501
New York OneidaUtica 13502
New York OneidaUtica 13503
New York OneidaUtica 13504
New York OneidaUtica 13505
New York OneidaUtica 13599
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