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South Carolina Road Map

by Vishul Malik

The Road Network of South Carolina connects many of the cities and towns in SC.

South Carolina Road Map

South Carolina Interstates:

South Carolina Road Map presents a clear overview of the major interstate highways that link the various cities and towns of the state. Also, the South Carolina state map indicates the prime roadways of the place. l-26l-95l-77l-20 and l-385 are the main interstate roads of South Carolina.

While l-26 meets l-95 towards the direction of Charleston, l-20 is intersected by l-26 at Columbia. l-85 meets l-26 at Spartanburg.
l-26 connects northwest locations of South Carolina with southeastern parts of the state. Having a total of 17, 092 km of urban roads, South Carolina has 87, 387 km of rural roads, as per a survey in the year of 2000. Some of the major public transport companies that successfully operate in the state of South Carolina include:

  • Generation Unlimited Local Motion
  • Fairfield County Transit
  • Clemson Area Transit
  • Pee Dee Regional Transit Authority
  • Greenville Transit

South Carolina Routes:

US Highways and State Routes: Route 1, Route 15, Route 17, Route 17A, Route 21, Route 25, Route 29, Route 52, Route 76, Route 78, Route 123, Route 176, Route 178, Route 221, Route 278, Route 301, Route 321, Route 378, Route 401, Route 501,Route 521, Route 601 and Route 701.

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