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North Carolina Airports Map

by Vishul Malik

The North Carolina airports are used both by the common public and the military. The Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, which is the biggest air hub of America, is located in North Carolina.

North Carolina Airports Map

About North Carolina Airports:

There are 114 airports in North Carolina. These airports play an important role in the overall communications system of the state – both locally and internationally. The airports are also known for their helpful attitude toward the passengers. View above Map of North Carolina with all the Airports in state

Top Airports in North Carolina

Asheville Regional Airport: The Asheville Regional Airport can be described as a Class C airport. It is located near Interstate 40 and Interstate 26 in Fletcher, North California. It lies 9 miles to the south of Asheville and is owned by the city. In 2009 this airport saw a 4.1% rise in passenger count.

Charlotte/Douglas International Airport: The Charlotte/Douglas International Airport is a civil-military international airport. It is located in Charlotte and was set up in 1935 as the Charlotte Municipal Airport. It was renamed as Douglas Municipal Airport in 1954 after Ben Elbert Douglas Sr., the former mayor of Charlotte. The airport got its present name in 1992 and is now the biggest air hub in USA.

Fayetteville Regional Airport: Fayetteville Regional Airport is also called the Grannis Field. It is a public airport and is located three miles south from Fayetteville, which is a central business district and located in Cumberland County. There are two runways at the airport and two terminals, which are used for commercial aviation. One terminal is separately used for general aviation traffic.

Piedmont Triad International Airport: The Piedmont Triad International Airport is located to the west of Greensboro and serves the city in addition to High Point and Winston Salem. The whole Piedmont Triad region in North Carolina is also benefited by this airport, which has 3 runways. The third runway was inaugurated on 27th January 2010.

Pitt-Greenville Airport: The Pitt-Greenville Airport is a public airport, which is located two miles to the north of the East Carolina University and Greenville, which is a central business district in Pitt County. It covers almost 872 acres and has three runways. It is mainly used for general aviation but is served by a commercial airline as well.

Albert J. Ellis Airport: The Albert J. Ellis Airport is owned by the Onslow County in North Carolina. It is positioned in Richlands and is 10 nautical miles west to Jacksonville, which is a central business district. The Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is close to the airport as well. There are three gates and a runway at the airport.

Maps of Major Airports in North Carolina

Airport Name Airport Code City Coordinates
Asheville Regional Airport AVL Asheville 35°26′10″N 082°32′30″W
Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT Charlotte metropolitan area 35°12′50″N 080°56′35″W
Fayetteville Regional Airport FAY Fayetteville 34°59′28″N 078°52′49″W
Piedmont Triad International Airport GSO Greensboro 36°05′52″N 79°56′14″W
Pitt-Greenville Airport PGV Greenville 35°38′07″N 77°23′07″W
Albert J. Ellis Airport OAJ Jacksonville 34°49′45″N 077°36′44″W
Coastal Carolina Regional Airport EWN New Bern 35°04′23″N 77°02′35″W
Raleigh-Durham International Airport RDU Raleigh 35°52′40″N 078°47′15″W
Wilmington International Airport ILM Wilmington 34°16′14″N 077°54′09″W
Horace Williams Airport Chapel Hill 35°56′06″N 079°03′57″W
Wilgrove Air Park QWG Charlotte 35°12′50″N 080°40′12″W
Wilson’s Airport Hickory 35°39′07″N 081°21′28″W
Sky Manor Airport Jacksonville 34°43′01″N 077°35′32″W
Shiflet Field Marion 35°43′14″N 082°00′35″W
Twin Lakes Airport Mocksville 35°54′54″N 080°27′25″W
Pink Hill Airport Pink Hill 35°03′03″N 077°44′10″W
Eagles Nest Airport Potters Hill 34°58′52″N 077°41′59″W

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